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Best-selling new cars in Germany 2019

New registration statistics from the Federal Motor Transport Authority show that VW models were again the most popular new cars in Germany last year. Volkswagen achieved a market share of 18.5 per cent in 2019 and with the VW T-Roc, the company has more models in the top ten list.

VW Golf in first place again

The absolute bestseller among these new cars in 2019 was again the VW Golf. This model sold well compared to the Previous year a little worse with -3.3 percent, but still remained as the best-selling car in Germany. The number of vehicles sold is more than 204,000

This VW model is followed by the VW Tiguanwhich was also the best-selling SUV in Germany in 2019. This sold more than 87,000 vehicles. In third place we find Mercedes C Class with more than 64,000 vehicles. This means that VW could not have four models at the top of the list this year. VW Passat and VW Polo were thus pushed back last year.

High-quality rubber floor mats for the best-selling new cars

However, neither model shows a significant loss. In fourth place comes the VW Polo with more than 61,000 and the VW Passat with more than 59,000 vehicles. It is then followed by VW T-Roc with almost 59,000 vehicles.

Here the predominance of VW models ceases and we find in 7th place Ford Focus with more than 58,000 vehicles. He is followed by Skoda Octavia with more than 55,000 vehicles, Opel Corsa with almost 52,000 vehicles and Audi 4 with almost 51,000 vehicles.

A comparison with the previous year shows that Mercedes E-Class and Mini are no longer in the top list of best-selling new cars. Opel Corsa and VW T-Roc on the other hand, have managed to make it into the top list of new cars. According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority, around 3.6 million new vehicles were registered in Germany last year, which means an increase of 5 per cent compared to 2018.

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