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Tailor-made car floor mats

As our new commercial also shows, you have many advantages with our tailor-made car floor mats. Our high quality rubber floor mats are non-slip, waterproof and easy to clean.


Car floor mats
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Quality tailor-made

Our floor mats are tailor-made for your car. Based on laser measurements, each car foot mat is manufactured individually by manufacturer and model. This gives you a quality and comfortable product.

Drive more clean less

Our impregnated car floor mats repel any kind of dirt and liquids. Just wipe clean and the dirt is gone. To do this, you can easily take out car mats and rinse them off.

Protect your investment

Our footwell mats completely protect your vehicle floor and prevent damage by salts and other elements. This keeps your car brand new and preserves the resale value.

Quality with responsibility

For us as a floor mat manufacturer, environmental friendliness is paramount. All materials used by us are not exposed to chemical compositions or processing.

Installing car mats in just 3 steps

Thanks to our clever clip system, you can easily assemble and disassemble the floor mats in just 3 steps:

Reset car seat to stop

Insert the floor mat on the foot area

Fix Clip to car foot mat and edge console

Car floor mats for all common car brands

Unlike conventional car rubber mats, car mats are also precisely designed for the respective car model. Each floor mat is manufactured individually for the manufacturer and model of the car using exact laser measurements.