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Toyota is committed to all-electric models

The future of mobility is going electric - that's nothing new. Toyota, a pioneer in the automotive industry, is planning to launch six new all-electric models on the European market over the next three years. This groundbreaking announcement provides an exciting insight into the innovative paths the car manufacturer is taking.

The models at a glance

In an exciting unveiling in Brussels last week, the brand gave a glimpse of four of its upcoming electric vehicles. In addition to a compact SUV that is the same size as the popular Toyota Yaris, the company is also planning to launch a fascinating Urban SUV Concept. These models are set to conquer the roads as early as 2024. The special feature: The company promises that these new electric vehicles (BEV) will not only be environmentally friendly, but also affordable.

Affordable electromobility

Toyota is driving forward the vision of "mobility for all", with European Managing Director Matt Harrison emphasising that the focus is on affordable electric cars. This is a challenge, as electric vehicles are currently around 10,000 euros more expensive than conventional combustion engines. The first step towards affordable electric mobility is being taken with the new small SUV bZ3X, which is expected to be launched on the market at a price of less than 40,000 euros.

Innovation through acquisition

toyota The company is surprising the industry by adopting parts of Tesla's production process for the first time in order to reduce manufacturing costs. The so-called "gigacasting" enables the production of large body parts in a single casting, which is not only faster but also more efficient than the conventional assembly of hundreds of individual parts. This innovation will initially be implemented at Toyota's premium brand Lexus.

Sustainability goals by 2035

Toyota has set ambitious targets in terms of sustainability. By 2035, the company aims to achieve complete CO2 neutrality across its entire model range in Europe. This ambitious vision emphasises the brand's commitment to making a positive contribution to environmental protection. The company also plans to achieve zero CO2 emissions in production and logistics worldwide by 2040.

Diverse strategy for the future

For the company, the transformation to climate-neutral mobility does not just mean battery-powered electric vehicles. The company is focussing on diversity and plans to offer hybrid, plug-in hybrid, battery and fuel cell systems, hydrogen combustion engines and vehicles for e-fuels, depending on the market. This multi-pronged strategy emphasises Toyota's innovative strength and commitment to a sustainable future on the road.

New Toyota floor mats from fussmattenprofi

car floor mats in the snow With Toyota's focus on affordable electric mobility, especially with the introduction of the small SUV bZ3X at an expected price below €40,000, the demand for floor mats for these specific models is expected to increase.  The vision of "mobility for all" and the company's efforts to make electric cars more affordable mean that accessory products such as customised car floor mats must also be accessible to a broader target group. As footmate professional we will be prepared for this and with our customised 3D Floor Mats, 4D Floor mats and 5D Floor mats fill a large gap. 
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