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The underdog leads the race: Dacia Sandero conquers Europe

Dacia Sandero: The affordable champion

Honestly, who would have thought it? The Dacia Sandero, the affordable powerhouse from Romania, has once again topped the sales charts in Europe. With an entry-level price of 11,300 euros, the little runabout proves that you can also be effortlessly on the road with a smaller budget. It is no wonder that the Sandero is well on its way to dominating the sales charts for the third time in just four months.

VW Golf: The quality-conscious challenger

The VW Golf is also stepping on the gas. In April, this German quality car increased its sales figures by 65 per cent compared to the previous year. With a price tag of 27,180 euros, it may be more expensive, but it also offers significantly more comfort and power. You could say that you can almost get two Sanderos for the price of one Golf - plus a stylish cargo bike. Despite the considerable increase, the Golf was unable to displace the Dacia from first place.

Tesla's ups and downs: Model Y experiences slump

tesla model y

Not all the news is good: Tesla's Model Y had quite a crash landing in April and has completely disappeared from the top 25 best-selling cars. After Tesla had dominated the market for a while, this slump shows how quickly things can change in the car business. The base model of the Model Y starts at around 45,000 euros, and an unexpected event has severely curtailed production at the German plant.

Car floor mats for the most popular cars in Europe

Whether Dacia Sandero, VW Golf or Tesla Y, every car needs high-quality floor mats for a neat, safe and comfortable interior. This is what we promise you doormat pro with 5D floor mats with an exact fit. Find out more about these floor mats, which have impressed numerous drivers with their many highlights. 

5D Premium Car Floor Mats TPE Set fits Dacia Sandero (2.Gen) Year 2012-2020

Electric vs. combustion engine: what the future holds

With increasing pressure on combustion engines and a clear direction towards electric cars, as demonstrated by VW's commitment to a zero-emission future, the question of how the market will evolve remains intriguing. The Dacia Sandero proves that there is still a strong demand for affordable and efficient combustion cars, while electric cars such as the Tesla Model Y are struggling with their own challenges despite technological superiority.

Price performance wins: Dacia Sandero as Europe's favourite

The Dacia Sandero is leading the race for Europe's most popular car and shows that affordable cars are far from being out of the race. Who knows, perhaps the era of expensive prestige cars has started to falter a little. So the next time you buy a car, the Dacia Sandero could well end up in your garage instead of an expensive rival.


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