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Delivery times shrink - customers benefit

The tense situation on the car market with regard to long delivery times has eased noticeably in recent months. Following the challenges posed by the global pandemic and the war in Ukraine, waiting times for both combustion engine vehicles and electric cars are shortening. This welcome development allows car buyers to enjoy their new vehicle more quickly.

Halved waiting times for electric cars

delivery times The drastic reduction in waiting times for electric cars is particularly impressive. Compared to the previous year, these have fallen by around half. While customers had to wait up to 12 months for delivery of their new electric vehicle in 2022, this year they can take delivery of their environmentally friendly vehicles after just six and a half months. Hybrid vehicles are also benefiting from this positive trend, although demand for them is currently lower than in previous years. Delivery times for hybrid cars are currently six months, compared to 12 months in the previous year.

Internal combustion vehicles follow the trend

Delivery times for vehicles with combustion engines are also showing a clear trend towards shorter delivery times. Last year, waiting times were already shorter than for electric cars, but here too, buyers can now look forward to faster deliveries. Diesel cars are currently being delivered after just seven and a half months, compared to ten months in the previous year. For petrol cars, the waiting time has been reduced from eight and a half months to the current six months.

Faster access to your dream car thanks to delivery times in decline

Thomas Eichenberg, Managing Director of, is positive about this development: "Delivery times vary and depend on several factors. We are therefore all the more pleased that the manufacturers have been able to shorten the delivery times for both electric cars and vehicles with combustion and hybrid drives. This means that our customers can get their dream car faster."

Custom-fit 3D, 4D and 5D car floor mats for your dream car

vw doormats The current shortening of delivery times on the car market is good news for all car enthusiasts. With doormat pro we do everything we can to offer our customers the best possible service and are delighted that they can now enjoy their dream car even faster. You can still order high-quality car floor mats with an exact fit from us online. Our floor mats in 3D, 4D and 5D shapes are the perfect protection for you and your car. No matter whether MercedesBMW, Audi or VW, we offer custom-fit rubber car mats for all makes of car. Here you will find BMW floor mats, Mercedes floor mats also Truck floor mats, Minibus floor mats etc.     
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