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VW Passat: As strong as the Passat winch

Tradewinds are strong and steady winds that have also been called trade winds in world history. The name VW Passat is therefore quite accurate.

The car delights many people with its wind-like driving and the trade wind has been around for years. No wonder this VW model was the fourth best-selling car last year.

Last year, 70,007 cars were sold in Germany and if we consider that the third best-selling car with 70,488 VW Polo was, it becomes clear that the Volkswagen Passat plays a very important role in the car trade.

It should not be forgotten that the best-selling and second best-selling cars are also Volkswagen products. The statistics on the Best-selling cars in Germany show that the VW Golf is the most sought-after with 211,512 copies. It is followed by the VW Tiguan with 74,749 copies sold.


The statistics also show that four VW models are among the best-selling cars in Germany. Only after VW Passat comes Mercedes-Benz C Class with 62,784 units and with this figure the Mercedes-Benz model is actually far behind.


vw passat

As doormat pro we offer you mainly 3D car floor mats for the best-selling cars in Germany. Also for the VW Passat, Volkswagen's mid-range passenger car model, we have top-quality car mats that are a perfect fit.


Who our Online Shop will find perfectly fitting rubber car mats for the Passat (B8), Passat (B6), Passat (B7) and Passat (CC) for all model years. In addition to these car floor mats, you can also purchase footwell liners for other VW models like VW Golf, VW Caddy, VW Sharan , VW TiguanVW Jetta, VW AmarokVW Arteon, VW Beetle, VW Scirocco, VW Touareg, VW Polo and VW Touran Buy cheap online.

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