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Best-selling cars in Germany

Germany is a car country. This is shown not only by the number of German car brands, best-selling cars or export statistics. The German population likes to own a car and the country has gigantic motorways for the millions of drivers. In July 2019 alone, more than 300,000 new cars were registered.

The German population mainly drives German cars. No wonder Volkswagen is so popular in Germany. In 2018, there were more than 643,000 new registrations of the Volkswagen car brand. As doormat pro we can also confirm this. We sell as a consequence of this situation numerous VW floor mats.

But there are other best-selling cars from other countries that many German drivers prefer. A good example is Skoda. Last year, almost 197,000 new registrations of this car brand were recorded. We can also match that with our orders for Skoda floor mats confirm.

The statistics on best-selling cars in Germany guarantee us a closer look at the driving behaviour of the German population. We now show you best-selling cars in the past year.

  • VW Golf

In 2018, there were 211,512 units sold in Germany. This shows that Volkswagen sells slightly fewer than all Opel models with this model only. Orders for VW Golf Floor Mats are also good proof of this.

  • VW Tiguan

Last year, we recorded 74,749 units sold. This means more than the sales figure for all Dacia models. The orders for VW Tiguan Floor Mats confirm the accuracy of this figure.

  • VW Polo

There were 70,488 copies sold in 2018. As doormat pro we also have a high number of customers who are VW Polo Floor Mats order

  • VW Passat

This VW model is just as popular as the VW Polo. Last year, 70,007 copies were sold.

  • Mercedes C-Class

We only come across another car brand in fifth place, and this is Mercedes C-Class. Last year, 62,784 units were sold. For our customers who drive this car, we always provide custom-fit Mercedes C-Class Floor Mats.

Custom-fit car floor mats for best-selling cars

best selling cars
  • Skoda Octavia

Last year, 58,444 people became Skoda Octavia drivers. Many of them have found a perfect fit with us. 3D Floor Mats for Skoda Octavia purchased

  • Audi A4

Last year, 53,340 people became new Audi A4 drivers Among these drivers, many with us have Audi A4 Floor Mats ordered.

  • Mercedes E-Class

The second Mercedes model that sold the most last year was Mercedes E-Class. Our orders with Mercedes E-Class Floor Mats also makes this comprehensible.

  • Mini

Mini recorded 50,494 vehicles for 2018. The demand for 3D Floor Mats for Mini also makes this comprehensible.

Ford Focus

In 10th place is Ford Focus with 49,279 sold. We also provide you with custom-fit 3D Floor Mats for Ford Focus.

Of course, our doormat orders are not one-to-one identical as on our list. According to our list, the following count 3D Floor Mats for Opel Insignia and 3D Floor Mats for BMW 3 among the 10 best-selling floor mats.

Do you also want robust car floor mats for best-selling cars with an exact fit? Visit our Online Shop and select the car make and model. You can order your desired car carpet in just a few minutes.

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