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Car floor mats for Mini, the darling of women

Women love small and round cars. Above all, Mini is very popular among women. The BMW subsidiary is regarded as the only typical women's brand. On the roads, we rarely see men driving this car. People who have car insurance for this car have completed, with 54 percent are women.

There are also other car brands such as Fiat 500, Hyundai i10 and small and round, Suzuki and Daihatsu models, which are typical women's brands. The stylish mini microcar enjoys a high reputation. In Germany, this car brand is in ninth place of the best-selling ten cars. In 2018, more than 50,000 copies were sold in the Federal Republic.

Car rubber mats for Mini: especially easy cleaning

We know that women pay more attention to cleanliness in the car and compact small cars such as Mini are known to need a special floor surface. It is not easy to keep the floor surface always clean. As fussmattenprofi we offer women, but also men, who drive a Mini, 3D floor mats, which are particularly easy to clean.

Our Mini floor mats can be removed in a few minutes, cleaned and then reassembled. The clever fastening system plays a major role in this easy cleaning. Thanks to the practical fastening clips, it is very easy to take out the 3D floor mats and assemble them again.

Even the rinsing of our Mini floor mats are child's play. These are high-quality rubber floor mats that are easy to rinse off. The Material is made of high-quality synthetic leather and due to the effortlessness you have of course more often the desire to clean the floor.

Rubber floor mats for Mini: precision fit for easy cleaning

Another reason for effortlessness is the accuracy of fit. fussmattenprofi produces in Berlin car foot mats, which are exactly fitting. We owe this accuracy to the exact laser measurement. Whether you're driving a Mini Cooper or Mini Clubman, we offer you 3D floor mats that are custom fit for the car model you're driving. Due to the accuracy of fit, taking out and mounting is very easy.

Car carpet with high edge

The high Edge is also an important factor. This edge allows you to easily place the car carpet on the floor surface. Because of this edge, no place remains open on the floor surface and this makes your work much easier. The high-quality Material, the accuracy of fit and the high Edge also make the car carpet non-slip and waterproof. These features are indispensable for safe driving.

Our floor mats for Mini are also odourless, sound-insulating and environmentally friendly. The high Edge gives the interior of the car a beautiful look. They are durable all-weather floor mats and can be used at any time. This means that our 3D floor mats are the cheapest car floor mats in the end.

Buy car carpets cheap and save money

As fussmattenprofi we provide you with the following mini floor mats At Reasonable Prices: 3D floor mats for Mini Clubman, 3D floor mats for Mini Cooper (3 Doors), 3D Mini Cooper floor mats (5 doors), 3D floor mats for Mini Countryman. Visit our online Shop, choose Mini and your mini model and in just a few minutes you can buy your car carpet at a reasonable price.

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