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Tiguan: The Tiger and Iguana of VW models

Volkswagen is the most popular car brand in Germany. The statistics on the Best-selling cars in Germany show that even some models of this car brand overtake the entire car models of other car brands. Last year, for example, four Volkswagen models were among the top four in the list of bestsellers. Among them also Tiguan.

These Volkswagen models were VW Golf with 211,512 copies sold, VW Tiguan with 74,749 copies sold, VW Polo with 70,488 copies sold and VW Passat with 70,007 copies sold.

It was not until 5th place that another car brand, namely Mercedes Benz, with C-Class claim. VW sold a total of 426,756 units in 2018. That is more than the sales figures of the remaining six car brands.

With the last contribution we had given you the VW Golf nand presented our high-quality car mats for this model. This article is about the VW Tiguan, the second most popular car and VW model.

The name "Tiguan" is an artificial word that we owe to the combination of "tiger" and "iguana". The majority of readers of Auto Bild magazine focussed on the special features of these two animals in this car and after a survey, this attractive name was chosen.

With the VW Tiguan is an SUV, a sport utility vehicle, which, as an off-road sedan, has better ground clearance and a self-supporting body. This VW model has existed on the roads since 2007. The second generation has only been around for three years.

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As doormat pro we offer you 3D Car Floor Mats for VW Tiguan the first generation and the second generation. With our VW Tiguan Floor Mats make high demands due to many special features.

Like all the others VW floor mats they are a perfect fit, have a high rim, are not only easy to fit and remove, but are also easy to clean. They are available as All-weather floor mats robust, odourless and environmentally friendly.

So if you drive a car that is considered the second best-selling car in Germany, you should have the right fit. Volkswagen Tiguan Floor Mats buy and protect its valuable car. Of course, this also applies to other very popular VW models such as VW Golf, VW Passat, VW Polo or VW Sharan.

Visit our Online Shop and select your VW out. There you will find high-quality VW Golf floor mats, VW Passat floor mats, VW Polo floor mats, VW Sharan floor mats and floor mats for many other VW models and other car brands such as Audi, Mercedes, Opel, Skoda or Ford.

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