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Are you looking for original quality Opel floor mats? Here you will find floor mats for Astra, Corsa, Mokka, Zafira and Insignia. Custom-made floor mats for Opel. ✓ OEM quality ✓ Express delivery

Multifunctional 3D floor mats for Opel models

Opel is a German automobile manufacturer, which currently belongs to the Automotive Group Groupe PSA in France. This brand focuses on high-volume series at low prices. Advanced technology and fascinating driving experience is very important to the car manufacturer.

As fussmattenprofi, we make these special features large and produce 3D floor mats, which are manufactured thanks to advanced technology and guarantee clean, comfortable and safe driving.

Non-slip rubber floor mats made of high quality synthetic leather

3D floor mats are custom made floor mats that cover the entire floor area. Such car rugs have a high edge and thus everything fits together exactly and the car rug becomes more slip-resistant.

Our car carpets are rubber floor mats, which means they are made of a high-quality synthetic leather and we rely on a fastening system. The high edge, the high-quality Material and the fastening clips make our car floor mats for Opel extremely non-slip.

Car carpet prevents wedging under the pedals

The special slip resistance is a great safety factor, which we must not do without today. Universal floor mats do not meet this important criterion. 3D floor mats for Opel never slip and thus, for example, there is no wedging under the pedals.

In addition, there is no longer the risk of stepping on the wrong Pedal because of a slipped doormat. Non-slip floor mats are also essential for sudden braking.

Car carpet for perfect protection of the body

Custom-made floor mats are also an important safety factor for your Opel. The car floor mats, which we produce individually, that is to say precisely for each Opel model, everything remains on the floor surface, from liquids such as rainwater, snow or Coke to dirt such as mud, leaves or pebbles, which we carry with our shoes into the interior of the vehicle. These never enter the car interior,which would not be desirable for bodywork.

Car mat with high edges: optical feast for the eyes

Tailor-made floor mats ensure that our Opel Insignia or Opel Astra is durable and retains its resale value. Of course, the beautiful look in the interior also plays an important role in the resale value. Thanks to our footwell shells with high edge, we guarantee you an optical feast for the eyes.

Our Opel floor mats are also durable. These are all-weather floor mats for Opel, which can use at any time and still do not have to throw away in a short time. Thanks to this durability, our floor mats are actually much cheaper than the other cheap floor mats, which are universal and not exact to fit.

Multifunctional 3D floor mats for Opel models

We obtain this precision in our Berlin company by precise laser measurement. Our 3D car floor mats are high-quality rubber floor mats that are environmentally friendly, odorless and sound-insulating.

As fussmattenprofi, we provide rubber floor mats for the following Opel models: Opel Astra floor mats, Opel Insignia floor mats, Opel Combo floor mats, Opel Corsa floor mats, Opel Grandland floor mats, Opel Mokka floor mats and Opel Zafira Tourer floor mats.

Visit our Online Shop, choose the car brand Opel and the Opel model you drive and in a few minutes you can order your high-quality car carpets at a reasonable price.

3D floor mats for dozens of car brands

You do not drive any of these cars? No worries! fussmattenprofi produces hundreds of rubber mats for dozens of car brands. From Alfa Romeo floor mats to Volvo floor mats, we produce custom-made car carpets, including BMW floor mats, Mercedes-Benz floor mats, VW floor mats, Audi floor mats, Ford floor mats, etc.

Visit Sale, Buy 3D floor mats cheap

Before you select the doormat for your car, we recommend that you first select the Sale Category on our Online Shop. There you will find floor mats with reduced prices. Who knows, maybe the car rubber mats you need are in this category.