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Volkswagen Golf: The best-selling car in Germany

Volkswagen Golf is the best-selling car in Germany. This model is also one of the best-selling cars in many other countries. The story of Golf, the Volkswagen brand's most-produced model, begins in 1974.

Volkswagen characterised the 1960s with the Bettle model, which was launched on the market under the motto "Think Small". The vehicle broke sales records worldwide. In contrast to the Bettle, Volkswagen decided to build the Golf with front-wheel drive.

Volkswagen has brought seven generations of the Golf onto the market. The first generation Golf 1 only appeared in 1974 and remained on the market for nine years. It was followed in 1983 by the Golf 2which was produced for eight years.

The life cycle was getting shorter and shorter and so we had Golf 3 for six years, Golf 4 for six years, Golf 5 for five years and Golf 6 for 4 years. Since 2012, there have also been on the roads Golf 7.

Volkswagen Golf 7: A car with distinction

The 7th generation Golf is 100 kg lighter and slightly larger than the Golf VI. The design lines have been hardened and the interior has been completely renovated. In 2013, it received the "World Car Of The Year" and "World Car Awards" honours.

There are also other VW models that are suitable for the VW Golf have been developed. These are VW Golf GTI, VW Golf R32 and VW Golf Plus. In addition to these models, there is the VW Golf GTI Design Visionwhich is still in the concept phase.

The designed concept has a performance, equipment and price far above standard GTIs. The designed car accelerates to 100 km in just 3.9 seconds.

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