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Volkswagen Polo: Stay on the ball!

This article is about the popularity, the Volkswagen Polo enjoys worldwide. Polo is a car model of a brand that launches best-selling cars worldwide. The cars from this car brand are so popular that this company can carry its four models to the top of the list in Germany.

After the Golf and the Tiguan, the Polo is Volkswagen's third best-selling car model and the third best-selling car in Germany. Last year, Volkswagen recorded 70,488 units sold.

After Polo, the list of bestsellers also includes a Volkswagen model: Passat. The company had sold 70,007 units of this model, slightly less than Polo.

On roads around the world since 1975

Volkswagen Polo is a small car that the automotive world has known since 1975. The word polo, however, comes from the world of sport. Polo, as we know, is a sport in which four players ride horses and try to hit the ball into the opposing team's goal with a long stick.

So "ball" and "polo" are quite related words. With its special features, the Volkswagen Polo reminds us of the great achievement that goes into this type of game. Since the past 45 years, VW has brought numerous Polos onto the market.

As the current model we have today Volkswagen Polo VIwhich has been on the streets since 2017. VW Polo is a small car that is ideally suited for singles or married couples without children.

Custom-fit car mats for Volkswagen Polo

volkswagen polo

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They are therefore non-slip and safe and easy to clean. With the special clip system, you can mount and remove the 3D car floor mats in no time.

3D floor mats for all VW models

So if you drive a car that is the third best-selling car in Germany, you should be fitting Volkswagen Polo Floor Mats buy and protect this valuable car from dirt and danger. This of course applies to other very popular VW models such as VW Tiguan, VW Golf, VW Sharan or VW Caddy or VW Jetta.

Buy 3D car floor mats online at a great price

Visit our doormat pro and select your VW. There you will find high-quality VW Polo Floor Mats, VW Beetle Floor Mats, VW Touran floor mats, VW Touareg Floor Mats and floor mats for many other VW models and other car brands such as Mercedes, Ford, Opel, Audi, Skoda or Renault.

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