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Mercedes-Benz C-Class: Comfort, Performance, Elegance

Under the Mercedes-Benz C-Class we understand the model range of the middle class of a worldwide known brand. This range includes saloon, coupe, convertible and estate. The C Class has been in existence for over 25 years and is highly sought after, especially due to its high performance potential and driving comfort.

The car models of the C Class are also known for their elegance. Especially since 2000, the company has been bringing cars with stylish comfort as part of this range.

Mercedes-Benz has been investing more and more in technical equipment for more than 10 years. Smart driving has also been an important aspect of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class for a few years now.


Mercedes-Benz C-Class is a popular model series. This is also shown by the statistics for the best-selling cars in Germany. Last year, 62,784 units were sold and this puts the C-Class range in fifth place. It is followed by Skoda Octavia, Mercedes-Benz E Class, Mini and Ford Focus.

The four best-selling cars before Mercedes-Benz C Class are all VW models. So the German drivers like to drive German cars and the C-Class can make any car model more popular. Currently it is the C 56, which shines with chrome rims and double stainless steel exhaust pipes.


mercedes-benz-c class

As Doormat professional it is important to us that our customers find perfectly fitting floor mats for these great cars. We have 3D car floor mats available for the following cars of the Mercedes-Benz C Class available: C Class Sedan (W204), C Class Estate (S204), C Class Sedan (W205) and C Class Estate (S205).


Besides the C Class the company has developed other numerous model ranges such as the A Class, B Class, CLA Class, E Class, G Class, GL Class, GLA Class, GLE Class, GLK Class, GLS Class, ML Class, S Class, SLK/SLC class and CLS Class. With us you can also buy car mats for these models at low prices.

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