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Skoda Octavia: Floor mats for an ideal family car

Skoda Octavia is the choice for many people who want a spacious family car that can promise more comfort and safety. In addition, this model offers you an economical compact car with a large luggage compartment.

Since the Czech company was bought by Volkswagen, many Octavia models have been based on the VW Golf. We must not forget that four VW models are the best-selling cars in Germany.

Skoda Octavia is in sixth place among the best-selling cars in Germany. Last year, 58,444 units were sold nationwide. Ahead of the Octavia comes the Mercedes-Benz C Class with 62,784 copies. In seventh place we see the Audi A4 with 53,340 copies sold.

A spacious family car means children, even dogs as passengers. Care for such cars is enormously important. Above all, care for the vehicle floor must never be lost sight of. The dirt as mud, sand, pebbles, salt must not wear down the vehicle floor.

With a high-quality set of floor mats, wear and tear on the vehicle floor can be effectively avoided. Anyone who wants car floor mats for Skoda Octavia The waterproof and high rim can prevent wear and tear to a large extent.

High quality 3D floor mats for a family car

skoda octavıa

As doormat pro we produce in Berlin Octavia floor mats, which have several special features. These are 3D car floor mats that are made to fit this family car perfectly. We owe the precision fit to an exact laser measurement. As a result, the car mat covers not only the foot area, but the entire vehicle floor, right down to the centre bar.

With such footwell mats, liquids don't stand a chance. They never get inside the car and because the rubber floor mats are waterproof, everything stays on the surface. Another special feature of our rubber floor mats is that they are particularly non-slip thanks to a clever clip system, and can be removed and refitted very easily.

Anything that the children or the dog have carried into the interior of the family car can therefore be rinsed off in just a few seconds. With our 3D Skoda Octavia Floor Mats it is also a matter of All-weather floor matswhich can lie on the vehicle floor at any time. They are durable, odourless and sound-absorbing.

Buy Skoda Octavia floor mats online at a great price

Besides the Skoda Octavia Floor Mats we naturally put other Skoda car mats available. These include Skoda Fabia Floor Mats, Skoda Karoq Floor Mats, Skoda Kodiaq Floor Mats and Skoda Superb Floor Mats.

Before you visit our Online Shopand select your car model there for a floor mat set, it is best to select the category "Sale" visit. Who knows, maybe the car carpet of your dreams is on offer.

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