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Scania P for comfort and safety

Scania P for comfort and safety

The Scania P is a range of medium-duty trucks produced by the Swedish company Scania since 2004. The Scania P is part of the Scania XT range, which is designed to operate in demanding and harsh conditions. The Scania P offers a low cab option with good visibility and driveability that can be adapted to different requirements.

In this blog post, we want to show you the features and functions of the Scania P that provide comfort and safety. We show you how the Scania P makes your life easier and protects you from danger.

The driver assistance systems of the Scania P

The Scania P has a range of driver assistance systems to help you avoid accidents and increase driving safety. These systems include:

- Lane Departure Warning (LDW): It warns you acoustically and visually if you unintentionally leave your lane.

- The Emergency Brake Assist (AEB): It detects obstacles ahead or stationary and brakes automatically if a collision is imminent.

- Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC): It maintains a constant distance to the vehicle in front and adjusts the speed accordingly.

- The Attention Assistant (DAW): It analyses your steering behaviour and detects signs of fatigue or distraction. It prompts you to take a break or increase your attention.

- The reversing camera (RCAM): It shows you what is happening behind your vehicle on the display in the dashboard. It makes manoeuvring and coupling trailers easier.

These systems support you on your journey and increase your safety as well as that of your passengers and other road users.

The suspension and steering of the Scania P

The Scania P gives you a pleasant ride thanks to its suspension and steering. These ensure:

- A good grip: The air suspension automatically adjusts to load conditions. It ensures optimum distribution of axle loads and improves the vehicle's stability.

- High manoeuvrability: The electro-hydraulic steering gives you precise control over your vehicle. It reduces the effort needed to steer and responds quickly to your inputs.

- Low fatigue: The suspension absorbs shocks and vibrations from the road. It is easy on your back and joints. The steering reduces the effort needed to steer and avoids straining your arms.

These features ensure a comfortable ride, even over long distances or in difficult conditions.

The air conditioning and sound system of the Scania P

The Scania P offers you an optimal driver climate thanks to its air conditioning and sound system. These ensure:

- A pleasant temperature: The air conditioning automatically regulates the temperature in the cab. It keeps it constant at the value you select. It has a parking heater and parking cooler that you can use independently of the engine.

- Good air quality: The air conditioning filters the air in the cab. It removes dust, pollen and odours. It has an activated carbon filter that also reduces harmful gases such as nitrogen oxides or ozone.

- A good entertainment: The sound system offers you a clear and powerful sound. You can play your favourite music or radio stations via CD/MP3/radio/Bluetooth. You can also answer or make calls via the hands-free system.

These functions create a pleasant ambience in the cab. They boost your mood and your concentration.

The lighting and exterior mirrors of the Scania P

scania p

The Scania P gives you good visibility day and night thanks to its lighting and exterior mirrors. These ensure:

- Good illumination: The headlights are equipped with LED technology. They provide you with bright and even illumination of the road. They have a high beam assistant that automatically switches between high and low beam.

- Good visibility: The rear lights are also equipped with LED technology. They offer you high visibility for other road users. They have a brake light assistant that triggers a warning signal in the event of emergency braking.

- A good all-round view: The exterior mirrors are electrically adjustable and heated. They give you a clear view of what's happening behind your vehicle. They feature Blind Spot Assist, which warns you of vehicles that are in your blind spot.

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