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Renault: Satisfied with worldwide sales

Renault Group increased its sales worldwide last year. Including the Jinbei and Huasong brands, which are sold in China, the group sold 3.9 million more vehicles worldwide. This represents an increase of 3.2 percent compared to the previous year. However, Group sales declined by 2.3 per cent and remained at 57.419 billion euros.

For the automotive group, this is a confirmation of its solid condition. According to Thierry Bolloré, Chairman of the Renault Group, the Group is responding quickly to the challenges and this performance is the result of the rapid implementation of a clear strategy and the joint efforts of all employees.

The Group expects a stable development worldwide this year. Also for Germany. Last year was a successful year for the group with a market share of 6.22 per cent. This success came despite the fact that no new model was introduced. As a result, sales increased by 3.2 per cent and the Group sold 231,500 vehicles. With the new models this year, the group intends to further increase sales.

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The Renault Kadjar makes the start. It is followed by the new fifth-generation Clio and the revised Twingo. In light commercial vehicles, the group also expects a record result like last year. In 2018, the group sold 25,000 vehicles, an increase of 9.2 per cent.

Multiple Renault vehicles mean more need for Renault floor mats. With the new models, new 3D floor mats also have to be launched on the market and we as Doormat professional prepared.

We currently offer floor mats for six different Renault models on. So who Captur floor mats, Clio floor mats, Kadjar floor mats, Koleos floor mats, Megane floor mats and Talisman floor mats If you need customised rubber mats with a perfect fit, you'll find them here.

These are All-weather floor matsthat are non-slip, waterproof and easy to clean. These are properties that protect your Renault from corrosion of the vehicle floor. These car floor mats also protect you from road accidents. In our Online Shop you will also find rubber car mats for many other brands, including Ford, Opel, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen etc.

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