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Car carpet for the Opel Insignia mid-size sedan

Opel Insignia is a popular mid-size car. The German car manufacturer Opel discontinued the Vectra C and Signium models in 2008 and introduced the new Opel Insignia model a year later.

We distinguish between the Insignia A generation and the Insignia B generation. The second generation was introduced in 2017 and includes the Grand Sport saloon and Sport Tourer estate.

Opel Insignia features many new technologies that Opel makes available in its car models. The smart lighting system actively adjusts the width, direction and distance of the front headlights. These adjustment options and sensors automatically activate functions such as the Insigia automatic high beam assistant, various lighting modes, bend lighting and cornering lights.

This car model was also voted European Car of the Year in 2019. An international jury of 59 specialised journalists found this vehicle to be much more than just stylish and praised its innovation, safety and comfort. The jury compared 38 different car models for this award.

Opel Insignia: Buy cheap car carpets

Opel Insignia

The Opel Insignia is a pretty popular car. The mid-size saloon is one of the 10 car models for which we are the doormat pro sell the most 3D floor mats. We are therefore the right address for high-quality car mats for most Insignia drivers.

That's no wonder, of course. Anyone who has chosen a car with style, innovation, safety and comfort knows the important role that high-quality floor mats play in preserving these features. Our Opel Insignia Floor Mats are a real protection for the car, but also for the driver and passengers.

We offer you 3D floor mats with an exact fit and thus protect the bodywork from corrosion wear. In addition to their precise fit, our rubber floor mats are waterproof, non-slip, have a high edge and do not give liquids a chance to reach the inside of the car. The driver can also survive major hazards, especially in the event of road accidents.

Buy custom-fit floor mats at a favourable price

As doormat pro we offer next to the Rubber Floor Mats for Opel Insignia also car mats for other Opel models. The following Opel floor mats you can also order from us: Opel Astra Floor Mats, Opel Combo Floor Mats, Opel Corsa Floor Mats, Opel Grandland Floor Mats, Opel Mokka Floor Mats and Opel Zafira Tourer Floor Mats.

You need 3D floor mats for another car brand? No problem! We produce high quality car mats for dozens of car brands. Starting from Alfa Romeo Floor Mats to Volvo Floor Mats, you will find numerous floor mats for the best-known car brands, including Mercedes floor mats, BMW floor mats, VW floor mats, Audi floor mats or Peugeot Floor Mats at reasonable prices.

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