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Buy Peugeot floor mats for 207, 308, 508, 2008, 3008 and 4008 online. Tailor-made Peugeot floor mats. Our car mats are shaped like footwell shells ✓100% precisely fitting ✓Rutchproof ✓short delivery time ✓100% customer satisfaction guarantee

Peugeot floor mats with extra high edge

The French car manufacturer Peugeot is the oldest car brand in the world that still exists. The first prototype the company produced in 1889. The serial production began in 1891, and since then, 50 million cars were manufactured. The company is still quite successful throughout Europe. Peugeot can buy more than 1.5 million vehicles worldwide.

Last year, Peugeot registered a 7 percent increase in new registrations in Germany. This growth is above the average of the German vehicle market. In addition, the car company introduced three all-electric models and three Plug-in Hybrid last year.

As fussmattenprofi , we also produce car floor mats for Peugeot in our company in Berlin and with the highest quality. These are 3D car floor mats that we manufacture specifically for Peugeot models. These are rubber floor mats that can be manufactured precisely by laser measurement and have many other special features.

3D car floor mats for Peugeot with high edge as dirt trap

A very important feature is the high edge. Our car rubber mats for Peugeot models have a high edge that serve as mud flaps. With our car carpets, which have extra high edge, you can protect the footwell from dirt and wetness.

The high rim is a major obstacle to the leakage of wet and melted snow. Whether it's raining or snowing, the wetness or the slush of snow that you wear with your shoes in the car never gets into the carpet.

3D Peugeot floor mats prevent corrosion on the floor

Not only the high edge, but also the Material is an important factor in this perfect obstacle. Our Peugeot floor mats are made of high quality synthetic leather, which is waterproof. In addition, this Material is non-slip. With the clever fastening clips, our car carpets are particularly slip-resistant and this not only protects the Peugeot from corrosion on the floor.

Custom-made Peugeot floor mats with special slip resistance

The slip resistance is also of great importance for the driver and the passengers. Our car rugs do not roll up at the corners. This has to be considered above all under the pedals.

Non-slip fit car mats can save lives

Floor mats rolling under the pedals can cause the driver to mistakenly step on the accelerator or brake pedal and cause a disaster. Non-slip car rugs are also good protection against sudden brakes. So our fit floor mats can save lives.

Car floor mats for a beautiful look in the vehicle interior

In addition, we offer you high-quality rubber mats that can be easily removed and reassembled thanks to the above-mentioned fastening system. They are easy to wash off, odorless, sound-insulating and very important, environmentally friendly. Not to be forgotten, of course, is the beautiful look that the vehicle interior receives.

Fit car rubber mats for different Peugeot models

As fussmattenprofi we offer Peugeot drivers fit rubber floor mats for the following Peugeot models: Peugeot 207 floor mats, Peugeot 208 floor mats, Peugeot 308 floor mats, Peugeot 408 floor mats, Peugeot 508 floor mats, Peugeot 2008 floor mats, Peugeot 3008 floor mats, Peugeot 4008 floor mats, Peugeot 5008 floor mats and Peugeot Bipper floor mats.

Fit rubber mats for dozens of car brands

Do you own a car from another car brand? No worries! As fussmattenprofi , we produce hundreds of car rubber mats for dozens of car brands. From Alfa Romeo floor mats to Volvo floor mats, including of course Mercedes-Benz floor mats, VW floor mats, Audi floor mats, Tesla floor mats, etc.

In a few minutes Peugeot floor mats buy cheap

Visit our Online Shop, choose the car brand and the car model you are driving and you can buy your floor mats cheap in just a few minutes. But before that, visit the Sale Category and make sure that your favorite mat is offered at a lower price.