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Opel to launch new electric cars soon

Opel is celebrating its 120th anniversary this year. This year, the vehicle manufacturer plans to make a profit again and attack the market. The German car manufacturer has suffered constant losses over the past twenty years. Opel believes in its "Pace" reorganisation plan and is focusing on electric cars that will usher in a new era in Opel's history. Opel can even now promise that the all-electric version of the new Corsa will be available to order by the summer of this year. With this plan, Opel does not want to lag behind Volkswagen in its electric offensive. But that's not all! At the beginning of next year, the vehicle manufacturer will launch a new model on the market. The "I.D" will be the Group's first affordable mass model with a purely electric drive and a long range.

Opel keeps its EU promise for electric cars

electric cars opel Next year, the Group will have another model in its programme: Grandland X as a plug-in hybrid. With this model, Opel plans to launch the successor to the Mokka X and Vivaro on the market. A total of four electric model series will be on the roads from 2020. Opel wants to meet CO2 targets with these new electrified models and not fall behind the competition. The vehicle manufacturer must comply with EU directives and have electrified its entire portfolio by 2024. Electric cars mean sustainability and Environmental protection. That is also our concern. As doormat pro we want to contribute to environmental protection with high-quality car floor mats and we are already prepared for the new electric cars with our environmentally friendly 3D car floor mats. Our floor mats are also robust, non-slip, waterproof and easy to clean. We currently offer high-quality Opel floor mats for the following models: Opel Astra, Opel Combo, Opel Corsa, Opel Grandland X, Opel Insignia, Opel Insignia B, Opel Mokka and Opel Zafira Tourer. Besides Opel floor mats we also offer Audi floor mats, BMW floor mats, Ford floor mats, Mercedes floor mats and 3D floor mats for many other brands.
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