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Mercedes Benz- E-Class floor mats for safety and comfort

Mercedes Benz E-Class is a very popular vehicle series of Mercedes-Benz. These are vehicles of the upper middle class and with the prefix "E" the car manufacturer refers to "executive", i.e. the leadership of these cars. Mercedes-Benz E-Class deserves this designation and is one of the best-selling cars in Germany.

Last year, the Mercedes Benz E-Class was the most successful after the C-Class the second best-selling Mercedes model. In addition, the vehicle series belongs to the group of the 10 most popular cars in Germany and is in eighth place. If it is the upper middle class, the E-Class has been the best-selling car in Germany for decades.

The Mercedes E-Class cars have been on the road since 1993. on the roads since 1993. They are available as a saloon, estate, coupé and convertible. Automatic air conditioning, shock absorbers, cooled glove compartment are just a few of the special features that show that the Mercedes-Benz attaches great importance to comfort and safety and safety.

As doormat pro we also attach great importance to comfort and safety and produce high-quality Car Floor Mats for Mercedes E Class. Our E-Class Floor Mats are 3D floor mats that have special features that serve both comfort and safety.

Mercedes Benz E-Class floor mats: Best slip resistance

We produce custom-fit Mercedes floor mats in our company in Berlin. Through exact laser measurement, we also provide you with E-Class Floor Mats available. The exact Accuracy of fit ensures that the car mats do not slip. The high edge also makes our car mats non-slip and thus no liquid flows into the car interior.

Our car floor mats are also rubber floor mats and are equipped with fastening clips. This makes our car mats even more slip-resistant and this is not only important for the safety of the car, but also for the safety of the people but also for the safety of the people driving. The prevents the car from getting wedged under the pedals and so there is less the driver is less likely to step on the wrong pedal.

Rubber floor mats for E-Class: practical on the road

mercedes-benz-c class

Our floor mats for E-Class are also easy to clean, easy to remove and easy to fit. The fact that everything is very practical means that the car floor always stays clean and this guarantees a comfortable and clean driving. What's more, you benefit from this comfort for a very long time. Our Rubber floor mats for E-Class are all-weather floor mats that you can use in any season.

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High quality car mats for car brands from Alfa Romeo to Volvo

You don't drive a Mercedes? No problem! We produce rubber floor mats for the car brands of Alpha Romeo to Volvo. No matter whether you BMW floor mats, Audi floor mats, VW floor mats or Nissan Floor Matn need, you will always find high-quality floor mats for car with us.


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