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High-quality Mercedes floor mats for a clean ride

No other car brand has the symbolic power that Mercedes has had for more than a century. Today, a Mercedes car symbolises comfort and luxury, safety and self-confidence. From the very beginning, Mercedes has also stood for long-lasting tradition and enduring values. According to a recent survey by Rogenium, Mercedes drivers are 70 % conservative and 73 % serious. A Mercedes driver earns an average net income of 3,400 euros and has a medium to high professional status. A Mercedes car also symbolises a sophisticated parental figure, and it is no coincidence that the Stuttgart-based car manufacturer still retains the image of courtesy and refinement today. As is well known, the name comes from the daughter of Austrian businessman Emil Jellinek, born in 1889. He was an enthusiastic fan of Daimler cars and named a car he bought there Mercedes and won a car race with it. He then ordered 36 more cars and made it a condition that the company named its cars "Mercedes". No wonder why Mercedes cars radiate the reliable love of a father today. As We attach great importance to this symbolic power and do our utmost to ensure that our Mercedes floor mats contribute to this image.

High-quality rubber floor mats as a complement to the image

Do you want Mercedes-Benz floor mats buy? As Doormat professional we offer Mercedes drivers high-quality, Custom-fit car floor mats for A Class, B Class, C Class W204, E Class, M Class, S Class on. You can also choose from floor mats for Mercedes GL, GLE, GLK and CLA, Citan and CLS models available. A Mercedes can last almost a lifetime if you want it to. And so it must be with Mercedes rubber mats look. Our high quality Floor mats made of TPE plastic give the vehicle interior a visual refinement and meet the demands of a All Weather Doormat. Anyone who considers mud, snow or dirt in the interior of a Mercedes car to be a serious sin no longer has anything to fear with our high-quality, waterproof, robust and abrasion-resistant rubber floor mats. We produce your Mercedes floor mats customised for the Mercedes model you own with the help of precise laser measurements. They are also environmentally friendly, durable and non-slip, so that you are also protected from road accidents. Visit our Online shopDiscover our comprehensive range and buy high-quality car mats for your Mercedes or for various car models at a special price.
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