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High-quality rubber floor mats against coronavirus

Because of the coronavirus, many people nowadays do without public transport. More and more people are using their car and want to protect themselves from infection. Also own car can also be contagious. In order to prevent this, the care inside the car is of great importance.

Contaminated surfaces in the car, such as the steering wheel, gear lever or door handles, must be disinfected. Especially if you drive other people in your car, such as work colleagues. The coronavirus survives on surfaces for up to three days and can seriously damage our health.

Regular disinfection against coronavirus


Are you a taxi driver or do you run a rental car company? Then you need to be even more careful and take regular disinfection seriously for both your health and the health of your customers. You can also disinfect these surfaces with normal side, dishwashing liquid or cockpit cleaner.

The foot area should also be thoroughly cleaned. No matter whether it is Taxi mats, Floor mats for rental cars acts. At present, easy-to-clean car floor mats play an enormous role. As doormat pro we provide not only taxi drivers and car rental companies, but all drivers with custom-fit 3D floor mats that are particularly easy to clean.

Viruses love high humidity

Our car mats are made of leatherette and rubber floor mats are perfect for cleaning. clean perfectly. However, for the best cleaning, other special features such as the exact fit, the high edge and the clever clever fastening system. These factors prevent moisture from no moisture inside the trolley. Viruses love high humidity and this can be better combated with 3D floor mats.

Thanks to the high-quality artificial leather, the perfect clip system, the high edge and the exact fit, you have non-slip car mats on the foot area that prevent liquids from getting inside the car and causing moisture. In addition, the clip system makes these rubber floor mats easy to remove and fit, so you can clean and fit your car mats in a matter of minutes, especially during the corona virus period.

Rubber floor mats for hundreds of car models


Especially during times of coronavirus, this is a great relief that one cannot do without. As doormat pro we offer these rubber mats for dozens of car brands and hundreds of car models. Starting from Alfa Romeo Floor Mats up to the Volvo Floor Mats we have a wide range of products, including Mercedes floor mats, Audi floor mats, Smart floor mats, Tesla Floor Mats, Chevrolet Floor Mats or Maserati Floor Mats.

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