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Taxi floor mats for satisfied passengers

Taxi drivers know what it means to have sturdy, easy-to-clean 3D fit floor mats. It's no wonder, of course! There are more than 50,000 taxis in Germany and that means millions of passengers every day who rely on the care of the Taxi floor mats do not have to pay attention.

Especially on winter days when it often rains and snows, passengers bring rainwater, mud and pebbles into the vehicle's interior. Often taxi drivers have to clean the foot area again after each transport so that it is ready for the next passenger.

Of course, this is difficult with universal mats. This is mainly because these car mats do not fit exactly. Precisely fitting taxi floor mats are therefore the be-all and end-all of faster and practical cleaning of the foot area. As doormat pro we produce taxi mats that owe their exact fit not only to perfect laser measurement according to car model.

We know that taxi mats are one of the most important interior accessories and we support the fit of our car mats with additional special features. Our 3D floor mats have a high edge and a clever fastening system that ensure excellent noise resistance. In addition, our car mats for taxis are made of high-quality artificial leather.

As a result, liquids always remain on the surface of the foot area and never get into the vehicle interior thanks to the high edge and the fastening clips. This means that the bodywork remains protected from corrosion and you as a taxi driver always have satisfied passengers.

Precisely fitting and non-slip taxi floor mats for best safety

taxi doormats

Slip resistance is also very important for you as a taxi driver and for your passengers. Floor mats that slip can cause traffic accidents. Taxi drivers need non-slip car mats, especially under the pedals, to prevent wedging so that you don't mistakenly brake or accelerate. Also, in case of sudden braking, not only the taxi driver but also the passengers need non-slip car mats.

Of course, easy cleaning is very important. Our Taxi floor mats can be removed, rinsed off and mounted in a few seconds thanks to the clever fastening system. Therefore, taxi drivers do not need to worry if they suddenly have a passenger with dirty shoes.

Our 3D floor mats also serve as a visual feast for the eyes in the car. We know that in Germany, expensive and elegant cars such as the Mercedes-Benz B-Class, Mercedes-Benz E-Class or Dacia Logan MCV are coveted as taxis, and we promise the best look with a high edge in our car mats.

No matter whether you Mercedes B Class Floor Mats, Mercedes E Class Floor Mats or Dacia Logan Floor Mats need, our taxi floor mats are elegant, environmentally friendly and robust. They are all-weather floor mats that you can use in any season.

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