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Custom-fit floor mats for VW Golf floor mats

VW Golf floor mats - practical and beautiful

When buying a used vehicle, the first thing you often notice are the worn floor mats. Replace the rubber floor mats and upgrade the interior of your car. All-weather floor mats protect the interior from moisture, dirt and wear. This not only improves the appearance, but also contributes to the value retention of your car.

VW Golf floor mats to protect your ride

Especially in long-lasting bad weather or in winter, it becomes apparent how important car mats are. Salt and water, grit and mud stick to your shoes. When you get in, you impair the footwell of your vehicle with them. Without a floor mat, the dirt and moisture can penetrate the carpeting and cause discolouration.

If too much moisture gets into the interior, this can lead to increased rust formation on the underbody. Get suitable All-weather floor mats for your VW Golf. This enhances the interior and offers maximum functionality.

Customised floor mats for VW Golf

vw golf floor mats

The VW Golf is way out in front in terms of popularity among used vehicles. Would you also like to buy a Golf and have already made the choice? Are the car mats in it worn and have they suffered from daily use?

Then get custom-fit VW Golf floor mats for your new vehicle. The customised quality, directly from the manufacturer, are designed exactly for your car. The custom-fit rubber mats are individually manufactured for each vehicle model using laser measurements.

Practical interior design

Many vehicle models have comfortable interior equipment, additional functions and features. But it is precisely in the area of floor protection that many used cars are lacking. Worn floor mats present an unattractive image and no longer fulfil their purpose.

With VW Golf Floor Mats Directly from the manufacturer, you are investing in a good thing. Make interior cleaning easier, the car mats are simply removed and can be conveniently cleaned thoroughly. Protect your vehicle from dirt and treat your car to fitted rubber mats. At doormat pro you will find 3D floor mats for hundreds of car models.


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