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Car rental companies save with 3D floor mats for rental cars

High-quality car floor mats are a big issue not only for taxi companies but also for car rental companies. More than the 50,000 taxi drivers in Germany attach great importance to easy-to-clean and durable Taxi mats and it's no different with car rental companies. High-quality Floor mats for rental cars are among the most important solutions for avoiding disadvantage.

Today, the car hire business is an important part of the automotive industry. The number of cars owned by car hire companies in Germany has now reached more than 255,00 vehicles and the turnover of car hire companies nationwide amounts to almost 20 billion euros.

Like taxi companies, car rental companies have to take very good care of their rental cars. This is not only important for customer satisfaction, but also for the endurance of the vehicles. After all, it is not only the kilometre kings that are long runners. If you take good care of the floor of your car, you will logically have a long-lasting car.

This is especially true for car rental companies. After all, we know that tens of thousands of cars are rented out every day and these cars are driven every day by people who have different driving habits. Few people care for a rental car as they would their own car and this means that car rental companies need to put a special emphasis on floor care.

Of course, car rental companies always keep the floor of their rental cars clean and it does not happen that the next customer has to rent a car with a dirty floor.

It is more about ensuring that the floor mats for rental cars are of high quality and are protected from the risk of rapid wear and tear due to frequent use by different people.

Floor mats for hire cars: safety for the car and the customer

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Worn car mats or floor mats that are not of high quality can lead to liquids, dust and dirt getting inside the vehicle and damaging the bodywork. Damage to the bodywork means less endurance, unnecessary costs and reduced resale value.

As doormat pro we produce high quality 3D Floor Mats for Rental Carswhich, thanks to laser measurement, fit exactly and promise perfect slip resistance. They are waterproof, odourless and durable. So above all, the slip resistance of our car mats are for the safety of the rental cars as well as for the lives of the drivers.

Our custom-fit 3D floor mats are extra non-slip and waterproof thanks to the high edge and the clever fastening system. This also makes them child's play to remove, clean and remount in just a few minutes. For a company that has several cars, this is extremely practical. What's more, our high-quality rubber floor mats are a feast for the eyes.

We know that in Germany, car rental customers mainly opt for Audi, BMW, VW or Porsche. But we do not only present Audi floor mats, BMW floor mats, VW floor mats and Porsche floor mats available, but also floor mats for dozens of car brands such as Mercedes.

Starting from Alfa Romeo to Volvo, we have a wide range of car mats, including Mercedes floor mats, Ford floor mats or Mitsubishi Floor Mats.

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