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Comparison of custom-fit car floor mats and universal floor mats

Car floor mats fulfil a major task that unfortunately many drivers underestimate. Cars with universal mats are a good example of this underestimation. The reason is often the supposedly favourable price. When comparing universal floor mats and custom-fit car floor mats, this price turns out to be deceptive. Universal floor mats mainly have standardised sizes such as A, B or C and are therefore not designed for a specific size or shape. This means that no universal floor mat will fit perfectly in the footwell. In terms of material quality, these car mats can also promise optimum cleaning and the necessary protection for your car. Slippery floor mats, unpleasant odours, low sound insulation and rapid wear are the consequences of these car mats, which are usually made of inferior fibres. Drivers also have to reckon with a reduced resale value, as these car mats are unable to protect the floor and bodywork from moisture. Universal car mats may only be ideal for drivers who will soon be buying a new car. Those who absolutely need to buy floor mats for their current car can opt for universal mats, which can serve as a temporary solution for such drivers.

Custom-fit floor mats are actually cheaper than universal floor mats

Perfectly fitting car mats such as BMW floor mats, VW floor mats or Opel floor mats offer exactly the opposite. They are usually made of high-quality rubber and are therefore durable and non-slip. The precise fit prevents slipping and there is not a single open space in the footwell where liquids can get into the car interior and damage the bodywork. Some custom-fit rubber floor mats even offer a high edge, which means additional protection against slipping and liquids. Other high-quality rubber mats have a fastening system that makes fitting and removing the floor mats child's play. With doormat pro you will find 3D rubber floor mats that have all these special features. With us, you will find rubber floor mats that are adjusted to the exact layout of your car thanks to a perfect laser measurement. With these floor mats, you can also enjoy improved comfort and a much nicer looking interior. This means, on the other hand, an increased Resale valuethat you cannot achieve with universal floor mats. If you take this and the workshop visits into account, you can immediately see that high-quality rubber mats with a perfect fit are actually much cheaper.
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