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3D Floor Mats for Best Selling Cars in October 2020

Car buying is in, even during the pandemic crisis. The new registration statistics reveal around 275,000 new registrations for the reporting month of October 2020. This also told us which cars were the most popular this month. The compact cars of the VW Golf class are still among the best-selling cars in Germany.

According to the latest statistics, the VW Golf in first place with almost 11,300 new registrations. However, a comparison with the number of registrations in October 2019 shows a dramatic drop of almost 42 percent.

Second place in October 2020 goes to the Opel Corsa with 7,185 new registrations. That's a big increase of almost 90 per cent and the statisticians explain this with the new launch of the current Corsa generation in May 2019.

In terms of statistics, the VW T-Roc reaches third place, putting 5,428 cars on the roads in October 2020. This means an increase of around 31 percent compared to October 2019.

Custom-fit car floor mats for best-selling cars in October 2020

The Passat, another VW model, took fourth place with 5,209 new registrations in this period. With one less car sold, the Skoda Octavia landed fifth place. Sixth place was secured by the Ford Focus with 5,132 units.

In seventh place, we have the Renault Zoe, the most popular e-car in Germany. The statistics also show which SUV models, off-road vehicles, small cars, mini models and sports models were very popular in October 2020.

The most popular SUV models were the VW T-Roc, Mercedes GLK/GLC and Hyundai Kona. The VW Tiguan, Audi Q5 and Audi Q3 were among the best-selling SUVs. While the Porsche 911 was the most popular sports car in October 2020, mini model enthusiasts mostly opted for the Fiat 500.

As doormat pro we could confirm by the high orders that these cars were and are very popular in October. We produce custom-fit 3D floor mats for the dozens of car brands starting from Alfa Romeo Floor Mats up to Volvo Floor Mats, including also VW Golf Floor Mats, Opel Corsa Floor Mats, VW T-Roc Floor Mats, VW Passat Floor MatsFord Focus floor mats, Mercedes GLK Floor Mats, Mercedes GLC Floor MatsHyundai Kona floor mats, VW Tiguan Floor MatsAudi Q5 floor mats, Audi Q3 floor mats, Porsche 911 floor mats, Skoda Oktavia Floor Mats and Fiat 500 Floor Mats.

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