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Women are mostly on the road with Kia

Women and men have different tastes in many things, including cars. But it should come as no surprise that men value performance and style over practicality and comfort. And with intuitive maternal instincts, it is not surprising that women prefer safety, reliability and comfort. Kia is therefore often the choice and not Smart or Mini, as one assumes.

Last year, iSeeCars, the automotive search engine and research site, published a study based on an analysis of 54 million car sales and over 500,000 consumer enquiries of cars listed for sale from their website over a 2.75 year period. This analysis revealed 10 cars for which more than 60 per cent of potential buyers were women.

"Women drivers are most concerned about safety and reliability," said Jill Trotta, director of the Automotive Group at RepairPal, which helps drivers find reliable car dealerships. "Women like the purpose-built vehicles that make transporting children and all their gear easy and convenient," said Director.

Trotta notes that practicality, value and style are closely linked but unlike male drivers, for whom the cool factor of performance and styling tends to be a high priority, women want to feel safe in their vehicle. This is no wonder because they mostly drive with their children.

Women choose Kia models above all


The study also shows that exactly half of the top 10 cars that female drivers want according to the iSeeCars study are Korean brands. The Hyundai Tucson is in first place, and it is above all the Kia models that women seem to really like. According to this study, it is not true that women would rather drive Mini or Smart cars. But it is true that the two car brands are almost only preferred by women.

The female drivers are also careful to buy cheap cars. They are more likely to drive the minivan, small SUV and four-door vehicles. These vehicles are offered at a reasonable price, are gas-friendly and offer space for passengers and equipment.

Here is the list of ten cars women want to own: Hyundai Tuscon, Nissan Versa, Volkswagen Beetle, Kia Forte, Ford Fiesta, Kia Sorento, Jeep Patriot, Mitsubishi Outlander, Kia Rio and Kia Soul.

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