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VW T-Roc: The SUV model is becoming increasingly popular

The VW T-Roc was one of the best-selling cars last year. According to the new registration statistics of the Federal Motor Transport Authority, the VW model was in 6th place. This is a compact SUV from VW that has been on the roads since 2017. The SUV model is becoming increasingly popular. Last year, almost 59,000 vehicles were sold.

The sister model of the Audi Q2 is perfect for those interested in an SUV that is a higher-end, more fashionable version of the Golf is. This off-roader sits between the compact T-Cross and the practical Tiguan in the Volkswagen range and can compete with cars like the Ford Puma, the MINI Countryman and the premiumBMW X2 measure.

It has a pretty good interior, with higher-end models offering some nice touches. No matter for which T-Roc It's a practical car with a higher seating position than many of its competitors. What's more, with this car, you can enjoy state-of-the-art braking and steering technology if you want to live out the sportiness while driving.

Strong performance, perfect grip, sporty exterior and interior design and higher seating position are further highlights that VW T-Roc offers. As doormat pro we also feel the great interest for this Golf model. More and more customers are ordering from VW T-Rock Floor Mats.

Interest in VW T-Rock floor mats is growing

vw t-roc

Who VW T-Rock floor mats buys from us enjoys numerous advantages. As doormat pro we also set high quality fit floor mats. These are rubber floor mats obtained by precise laser measurement, which have a high edge and a clever fastening system.

These features give drivers the advantage of having non-slip, waterproof and easy-to-clean car mats. This protects the car from corrosion wear and the driver from accidents. Our custom-fit floor mats are very easy to remove and install, and that means easy cleaning at the same time.

Robustness, odour neutrality, sound insulation, preservation of resale value, environmental compatibility are further advantages that you as a driver can expect from an VW T-Roc can enjoy.

3D floor mats for popular VW models

You can also find custom-fit car mats for other cars with us, which belong to the Best-selling cars in Germany include: These include for example VW Golf Floor Mats, VW Tiguan Floor Mats, VW Polo Floor Mats, Mercedes C Class Floor Mats etc.

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