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Volkswagen also dominated the ranking in the 2021

Volkswagen did not let other car brands take the ranking away from it last year either. The Wolfsburg car brand managed to place four models in the top 5 and 6 models in the top 10 in 2021. VW Golf remained the unchanging winner with 91,621 new registrations. Although the car model had often weakened in the course of the year. Nevertheless, it was able to clearly maintain its victory in the end.

VW T-Roc in 2nd place

It was followed in 2021 by the VW T-Roc with 57,424 new registrations. Compared to the previous year, however, this is not a positive development. The compact SUV had achieved a significantly better position in the ranking in 2020 with more than 130,000 new registrations. In 2019, the model had even achieved more than 200,000 new registrations. However, Volkswagen also had to reckon with a decline in sales of the Golf.

The VW Tiguan sold slightly less last year. With 55,527 new registrations, the SUV wagon followed the T-Roc in third place. The Top 5 list is overshadowed by the Opel Corsa with 49,475 new registrations and it comes in at number 4. It is followed again by a VW car that actually makes it into the Top 5 list for the first time. It is the VW Up, which has become very popular as the brand's smallest model. With 46,708 registrations, the model has kept the brand's reputation high.

The ranking in the second half is colourful

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In the second half of the Top 10 list, the Volkswagen with the VW Passat. With 5,696 new registrations, the mid-size top-seller proved itself in 6th place. VW Polo, however, had to drop out of the ranking last year. Another car that had to drop out of the list was Ford Focus. Next to the VW up, the Fiat Ducato made it into the Top 10 list with 40,593 new registrations. However, the car had to settle for 10th place first.

In 7th,8th and 9th place last year were Mini Cooper (42,938) , BMW 3 Series (41,704) and Skoda Octavia (40,663).The ranking also shows that no electric car was among the best-selling cars in Germany last year. Tesla achieved the highest number with the Model 3 and that was less than 35,000 registrations.

Volkswagen Fitted Floor Mats

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