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Toyota Prius: The hybrid pioneer of our time

The Toyota Prius is a mid-size car that we have seen on the roads since 1997. With this sedan, the Japanese produced the world's first car with a hybrid drive in large-scale production. In the hybrid system, which is considered the engine technology of the future, a petrol or diesel engine and an electric motor work together harmoniously.

In existing hybrids, the petrol engine provides the high performance of the vehicle, while the electric motor only plays a secondary role. In the system Toyota calls Hybrid Synergy Drive®, the electric motor plays a more important role without compromising the vehicle's performance.

The 1.5-litre Hybrid Synergy Drive® petrol engine, which won its third consecutive award in the 1.4- to 1.8-litre engine category in 2006, also won the Best Fuel Economy category for its use in the Toyota Prius. Hybrid Synergy Drive® has won first place in both of these categories every year since its introduction with the second generation Prius in 2004.

Hybrid pioneer quite popular with taxi drivers and film stars

toyota prius

In 2005, the hybrid pioneer was voted Car of the Year in Europe. It is considered a mid-range car in terms of its dimensions, equipment and price. The word Prius is of Latin origin and means "first", "before" or "original". Since the first generation, Toyota has sold 613,300 hybrid vehicles worldwide.

Prius sales in Europe increased significantly from 8,136 units in 2004 to 18,886 units in 2005, and it is no wonder that the mid-size car was named Car of the Year this year.

The limousine is very popular with taxi companies. Many taxi drivers prefer this model because they consider it robust and durable. The economical consumption in cities also plays an important role. Other lovers of this car model include film stars and politicians who need this car for a successful appearance.

Toyota Prius floor mats in exact fitting accuracy

Rubber car mats

As doormat pro we focus on limousine floor mats and therefore also offer Toyota Prius Floor Mats in an exact fit. These are high-quality rubber floor mats that cover the entire foot area and protect the interior of the car in many ways.

Custom-fit car floor mats made of high-quality TPE material ensure that liquids, dirt and grime do not reach the inside of the car. This is an important protection against bodywork damage. On the other hand, they are non-slip and can save lives, especially during sudden braking.

As doormat pro we produce car mats that are particularly non-slip thanks to their high edge and clever clips. On the other hand, they can be removed and fitted very easily. This means more pleasure for cleaning.

Sedan floor mats in top quality

Besides car floor mats for Toyota Prius we also produce floor mats for other saloons with an exact fit. These include for example A6 floor mats, Honda Civic floor mats, Volvo S60 Floor Mats etc. No matter whether MercedesVW or BMW, you will find the right car floor mat for all brands.

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