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Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats in Top Quality

The chip shortage and the boom in electric cars have dramatically changed the registration figures. This has secured Tesla a considerable leap forward in Germany. With the Tesla Model 3, the US company almost overtook the eternal bestseller VW Golf in September.

According to the figures of the Federal Motor Transport Authority, 58 more Golf cars were newly registered than the Tesla Model 3 with 6,886 units. WW Golf has delivered 78,814 units in the current year, which is significantly more than the Tesla Model 3. Nevertheless, the jump of Tesla Model 3 is quite sensational, especially if we compare the new registrations in the last 9 months.

During this period, Tesla has reached third place in the mid-size class with this model. It is followed by the Audi A4 and Mercedes C-Class. The most registered before the Tesla model are VW Passat and BMW 3 Series. Chip shortage has also Tesla affected, the company is nevertheless better off than the other car companies.

The high demand for Model 3 makes many look for high quality floor mats. We recommend custom-fit 3D rubber floor mats. With us you will find customised Model 3 Floor Mats in top quality.

Tesla Model 3 floor mats with numerous advantages

tesla model 3

Thanks to these rubber floor mats, you enjoy several advantages that you won't find with other conventional floor mats. Above all, easy cleaning, slip resistance and waterproofness are the highlights of our 3D floor mats.

The easy cleaning is due to the surface and the fastening clips. The fastening clips serve to ensure that the Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats easier to remove and fit. On the other hand, they make the car floor mats non-slip. With the high edges, they become even more slip-resistant and this protects us in case of traffic accidents.

The fastening clips and the high edge also make the floor mats particularly waterproof. This prevents liquid from getting inside the car, which means less damage to the bodywork. If you want to maintain the resale value of your model, these floor mats are the best solution.

At doormat pro you will find custom-fit rubber floor mats for dozens of car brands, including Mercedes-Benz floor mats, Ford floor mats, BMW floor mats, VW floor mats etc.


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