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Tesla: electric car company with high-tech

Tesla is a pure electric car company that has grown rapidly to challenge the upscale car company. Its vehicles combine high-tech infotainment and equipment, amazing electric car performance and decent battery range in a way that makes more traditional car manufacturers look like they've been caught napping.

The electric car company produces electric cars that are either high quality or affordable for everyday use. The company is led by CEO and founder Elon Musk. Outside of electric vehicles, Tesla also explores a broader ecosystem and offers a range of other solutions that leverage its battery power expertise, such as solar panels and energy storage.

Tesla is expanding its range, especially in its electric cars. As one of the first all-electric cars to make a huge impact on the market, the Model S is an electric car company that is extremely disruptive. There are four models to choose from with different versions. All ranges given are Tesla's quoted ranges on the US sites, but will vary depending on driving style and environmental factors.

Tesla has also recently changed the positioning of its models, in some cases offering an upgrade to unlock performance or issuing firmware updates that change the official range values, with changes to the line-up being fairly regular.

An electric car company on a rapid pace

3D floor mats in top quality

The Model S was originally introduced in 2012 and helped put Tesla on the map as a car manufacturer. Tesla has continued to update the Model S, and the latest model has two different versions: Long Range Plus and Performance, with the Standard recently discontinued. The Model S is very much an executive sedan with similar long and low design lines to a Jaguar.

Tesla drivers can also find custom-fit car mats from us, which are environmentally friendly floor mats that belong to the all-weather floor mats. Our high-quality 3D floor mats have a high edge and feature a clever fastening system. This makes cleaning much more practical and on the other hand, you have non-slip car mats to protect you from and in case of accidents.

As doormat pro we offer you rubber floor mats for the following Tesla models: Tesla Model 3 floor mats, Tesla Model S floor mats and Tesla Model X Floor Mats.

Besides our Tesla Floor Mats We offer custom-fit car mats for dozens of car brands and hundreds of car models, including Jeep Floor Mats, Chevrolet Floor MatsLand Rover floor mats, Alfa Romeo Floor Mats, Maserati Floor Mats, Audi floor mats, Porsche floor mats, VW floor mats, BMW floor mats, Mercedes floor mats etc.

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