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Suzuki Swift and Vitara: Car models with highlights

For many motorists, Suzuki is a manufacturer that produces vehicles that are truly robust and showcase Japanese quality. The off-road vehicles in particular are extremely successful and offer a largely trouble-free ride. The off-road clutch is simply admirable. Compared to many competitors, it does not make off-road vehicles for the asphalt road.

The Japanese manufacturer produces cars whose chassis, mechanical parts, engine and drivetrain are quite robust and do not easily leave the road. With the motorbikes like the model "Hayabusa", the brand has already become a legend. This legend is a big dream for many motorcyclists.

Many reasons for Vitara and Swift

The Vitara and Suzuki Swift models are also very popular. There are many reasons for drivers to choose these car models. This of course applies to our TPE floor mats and rubber floor mats, which we offer as a doormat pro specifically for these models.

For example, if you choose Suzuki Vitara, you can look forward to faster acceleration due to more torque, less fuel consumption in city traffic, large capacity of the fuel tank and the boot. This allows you to store more items in the vehicle without having to fold down the rear seats.

There are also enough reasons to buy a Suzuki Swift. These cars offer best top speed, acceleration from 0 to 100 km you reach in a very short time. Less fuel consumption on the motorway, less CO2 emissions, weight and turning radius are other highlights of this car model.

Modern safety systems

Both models offer extensive safety systems with stable cabins, standard airbags and steering intervention, traffic sign and drowsiness detection. We are keen to produce custom-fit TPE floor mats and rubber floor mats for these two car models.

Our TPE car mats are a perfect investment for the floor area, especially with high edges. Add to that the clever clips that not only make the floor area more slip-resistant, but also make it easier to attach and remove the car mats. With our 5D Suzuki Vitara Floor Mats and Suzuki Swift Floor Mats cleaning is much easier than the other ordinary car mats.

Suzuki floor mats: Custom-fit TPE floor mats and rubber floor mats

In addition to TPE car mats, we also produce rubber car mats made of high-quality rubber. These 3D floor mats are non-slip, odourless, easy to clean and an eye-catcher for the interior of your car. Order from us 3D Suzuki Vitara Floor Mats or Suzuki Swift Floor Mats in just a few minutes.

5D and 3D floor mats in top quality

ford kuga

In addition to car floor mats for Suzuki Swift and Vitara, we also produce floor mats for other vehicles with an exact fit. These include floor mats for Ford, Peugeot, Tesla, Mini, among others. Audi floor mats, VW floor mats, Mercedes floor mats, BMW floor mats.

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