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How to clean your rubber mats properly

Rubber mats for cars are easy to clean. Cleaning custom-fit rubber floor mats in particular is child's play. However, it does us no harm to know what options we have for cleaning our rubber mats. With this article we would like to show you these possibilities with advantages and disadvantages.

When cleaning the rubber floor mats, we distinguish between steam cleaner, garden hose, vinegar cleaner, mat washer and baking soda. Depending on your needs, you can choose one of these options. For some, the intensive dirt solution is important, while others want to get rid of odours.

Of course, there are also drivers who focus on longevity and resale value and therefore opt for cleaning options without chemical additives. Learn about these cleaning methods here.

Steam cleaner

If you don't want to use chemicals to clean your rubber mats, the steam cleaner is the perfect solution. The hot steam does not contain any chemical substances. The high steam heat and the high speed ensure that the dirt particles are dissolved deep in the pores and removed along with the odour. With a steam cleaner, you can get the job done much more easily.

Garden hose

Drivers who find it quite convenient to fit and remove their rubber floor mats have an ideal solution in the form of a garden hose. With a garden hose, you can generate high water pressure and use it when removing dirt and odours from the dirt trap grooves and the corners of the doormat. As fussmattenprofi, we offer you perfect 3D rubber floor mats with clever fastening clips and these make it easier to fit and remove the car mats.

Vinegar cleaner

When cleaning the rubber floor mats, you can also resort to vinegar. However, you should first vacuum the rubber mats and remove the coarse dirt properly. Then spray vinegar on the car mats and let it work for a while. Afterwards, you can clean the car mats with water and air them out so that the smell of vinegar is gone.

Mat washing system

rubber mats

Car mat washes are also a good cleaning method. You can find these at petrol stations or car washes. You can choose between wet and dry cleaning. You push the car mat in from above and let the brushes in the cleaning device clean it thoroughly.

Baking powder

If you want to get rid of unpleasant odours on the rubber mats, you can turn to baking soda. You can sprinkle the home remedy on the rubber floor mats and wait a few hours and then vacuum everything. With us you will find perfectly fitting 3D floor mats that are odourless.

Custom-fit rubber mats for clean foot area

If you want to have a clean foot area in your car, you should definitely buy custom-fit rubber floor mats with a high edge. These ensure that dirt and liquids stay on the floor. Thanks to the clever fastening system, these 3D floor mats are very easy to remove and clean.

With us you will find from Alfa Romeo Floor Mats to Volvo Floor Mats Hundreds of rubber floor mats for dozens of car brands, including Mercedes floor mats, BMW floor mats, VW floor mats and Audi floor mats.

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