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Into the savings season: tips for an inexpensive trip!

Cheap on the road in the savings season

Savings season has finally arrived and we're ready to hit the roads for our travels. But before we start our adventures, here's some extremely useful advice on how to save on our budget while we press the accelerator!

Tip 1: The right tyre pressure for lower consumption!

An inconspicuous but extremely effective savings tip revolves around tyre pressure. Admittedly, this may not sound too exciting at first, but the effect is impressive! Optimal tyre pressure lowers rolling resistance, which ultimately reduces our energy consumption and fuel consumption.

But you know what's even better? If we exceed the manufacturer's recommended minimum pressure by just 0.2 bar, we can save even more! Of course, this means that we have to sacrifice a little bit of comfort, as the vehicle can be a little firmer on the road.

Let's remember that our car is full of luggage during the economy season anyway, especially when we leave for a holiday. By the way, don't forget to consider the tyre pressure recommendations depending on the load to get the most out of this economy tip. The magic numbers are usually located in the open driver's door or on the inside of the fuel filler cap - they are the signpost to our savings paradise!

And for those who don't have a modern tyre pressure monitoring system, check the tyre pressure every fortnight and we're well on our way to saving our money.

Tip 2: Efficient driving with assistance systems!

Now it's all about speed with the assistance systems! Here, it's all about smooth acceleration and brisk shifting into the highest gear to enjoy a smooth and fuel-efficient drive. A smooth driving style is the key to efficient driving and helps save fuel.

The doormat pro has an unbeatable tip up its sleeve: if our vehicle has cruise control, why shouldn't we use this great feature? But that's not all! Modern cruise controls are true heroes, as they can even brake or accelerate ahead in conjunction with navigation to further reduce fuel consumption.

Don't worry if our vehicle doesn't have these high-tech features. We can use the start-stop mode if available. And if not, no problem either! In traffic jams, at red lights or level crossings, we simply switch off the ignition to ease the burden on our wallet. We'll definitely love our car when we're on the road in eco mode and save fuel like real economy pros!

Tip 3: Fill up wisely and compare prices!

Here's a hot tip for all petrol station savers! If we want to save on our budget when filling up, let's remember: the ideal time to fill up is in the evening between 6 and 10 pm. During morning rush hour, fuel prices can often be annoyingly high. So let's remember: fill up in the evening, be happy in the morning!

By the way, if we are not on the motorway, we should consider taking a short detour off the motorway to fill up with fuel at a cheaper petrol station. Every little diversions can pay off in the end. And here's another hot tip from the fussmat professional: fuel quality is standardised, so we can also fill up at cheaper petrol stations with peace of mind - our wallets will thank us!

Tip 4: Perfectly fitted rubber mats for cleanliness and protection!

To enjoy a constant saving season, it is recommended to have high quality car rubber mats in exact fit.

Another excellent piece of advice to save money and protect our vehicle at the same time is to use custom-made rubber car mats. These practical mats keep the interior clean and protect it from dirt, moisture and wear.

By protecting our car from dirt and wear and tear, we save on repair costs in the long term and reduce depreciation. This investment really pays off! Simply visit our online shop to find the perfect floor mat set for your car in just a few minutes.

Here you will find customised rubber mats in three different designs: 3D Rubber Mats, 4D Rubber Mats and 5D Rubber Mats. From Alfa Romeo to Kia and Volvo, including Mercedes and VW, you will find high-quality car rubber mats with an exact fit for many brands.

In addition to customised floor mats, we also offer precisely fitting Load compartment trays and Bumper protection that provide optimum protection for your vehicle. If you consider these car accessories important, you automatically increase the resale value of your car.

Tip 5: Plan your route economically and use car pools!

Before we set off, smart route planning is crucial to save both time and fuel. Modern navigation systems often offer options for economical routes that help us avoid traffic jams and find the shortest route to our destination.

In addition, we should consider carpooling whenever possible. By doing so, we not only share the costs, but also reduce the environmental impact by having fewer vehicles on the roads.

Tip 6: Pack wisely and avoid unnecessary ballast!

When loading our car, we should take care to stow our luggage efficiently and avoid unnecessary ballast. Heavy luggage increases fuel consumption, so we should only take the essentials. The use of roof racks should also be carefully considered, as they can increase air resistance and thus fuel consumption.

Tip 7: Regular maintenance for optimal efficiency!

A well-maintained car not only drives more reliably, but also consumes less fuel. Regular inspections, oil changes and replacement of air and fuel filters are crucial measures to improve the performance of our vehicle and reduce costs in the long term.

With these unbeatable money-saving tips, we are well prepared to master the roads while saving our hard-earned money. Let's make our car the master of saving money and enjoy the ride at the same time, while our wallet sits back and relaxes. Have a great trip, and may the savings season be with you!

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