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Rubber car mats for drivers and their dogs

Dog mats are not a solution if you have a car and a dog that does not like to sit on a mat and feel like an outsider there. Dogs that otherwise have a free space in life may interpret the special dog mats differently. Rubber car mats are a must there.

To avoid misunderstandings, it may be worthwhile to opt for special car floor mats instead, which are of the best quality in every respect. With regard to the floor surface, dogs are actually no different from us as car drivers. They have wet paws instead of wet shoes. With perfectly fitting car floor mats, this problem can easily be eliminated.

As doormat pro we offer you and your dog, but also other pets, high-quality floor mats made of TPE fabric. These 3D rubber floor mats offer a number of advantages that many car drivers miss with their car mats. These are custom-fit rubber car mats with high edges.

The precision fit is the most decisive feature of these rubber car mats. We owe this exact fit to our equipment, which produces customised floor mats thanks to laser measurement. This allows us to produce floor mats for dozens of car brands and hundreds of car models. Thanks to this precision fit, no water or a single hair from your dog gets inside the car.

A perfect fit for drivers, a perfect fit for dogs


This is a great advantage because it protects your car from corrosion damage. If liquids from our shoes or our pets' paws keep getting into the interior of the car, your car may need repairs again and again. To avoid these costs, it is worth paying attention to the accuracy of fit when looking for car floor mats.

Our 3D Floor Mats but offer much more. The high edge of the floor mats supports the accuracy of fit and so liquids or hair simply have no way into the car interior. Another advantage is the support for slip resistance. Floor mats with high edges do not slip and this is a very important measure in traffic accidents.

Of course, we must not forget that dogs can no longer touch the wall of the interior when getting in and out. So the wall doesn't get wet or dirty. This 3D shape also provides a homely atmosphere, also for your dog.

Another advantage of these car floor mats is that they are easy to care for. Not only the easy-to-clean material, but also the clever clips play a big role here. So it's not at all a hassle to remove the floor mats, wash them and then fit them again. On the contrary, it's fun and thus you always feel like grooming again

Custom-fit rubber car mats at fussmattenprofi

3 series bmw

If these special features have impressed you, don't hesitate and visit our online shop. There you will find your car model in just a few minutes and can conveniently order and pay for car rubber mats. Starting from Alfa Romeo to Volvo, you'll find top-quality, precision-fit rubber car mats for dozens of car brands.

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