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Mercedes Atego: Truck with many extras

The Mercedes Atego is a premium-class truck. It combines the highest quality, reliability and impressive performance in one vehicle. Whether it's goods or people, the Mercedes Atego provides the perfect basis for transport.

Reliability is the be-all and end-all when it comes to transport and with the Mercedes Atego you can rely on it. The robust engine, sturdy construction and durable design ensure that you are always reliable on the road.

The Mercedes Atego comes with a host of safety features such as ABS and ESP to protect the driver from accidents. In terms of comfort, the Atego also offers everything you could wish for. The vehicle's seats are comfortably upholstered and allow the driver to make his journeys as pleasant as possible.

Modern engines, lower fuel consumption

With air conditioning on board, you can maintain a pleasant temperature inside the vehicle even on hot days. The Atego is not only comfortable and safe, it also has an environmentally friendly drive: it has modern engines with lower fuel consumption and pollutant emissions compared to conventional diesel vehicles.

This means that you can get more power with lower consumption - without having to compromise on comfort. The Mercedes Atego is therefore the perfect truck for transporting your goods or personnel - with the highest quality, reliability and comfort as well as the most environmentally friendly drive. With the Atego you always have the certainty that your transport will run smoothly!

Another advantage of the Mercedes Atego is the long service life. Thanks to the high-quality materials and the excellent design, this truck scale will be a reliable companion for a long time.

Mercedes Atego floor mats with an excellent fit

For such a truck, drivers need special Truck floor mats. As doormat pro we offer you high-quality Mercedes Atego floor mats with an excellent fit. This means that you can equip the floor of your Mercedes Atego with precisely fitting floor mats. For this, you can not only ensure more safety, but also more order and appearance.

Our 4D truck floor mats are robust, easy to clean and non-slip. These Mercedes Atego floor mats are made of high-quality rubber and offer excellent grip on all surfaces. Thanks to their special design, they fit perfectly to the truck's entrance and thus ensure safe and comfortable entry and exit.

In addition to Mercedes Atego floor mats you will also find MAN TGX floor mats, MAN TGS Floor Matsbut also DAF CF floor mats, DAF XF floor mats etc. Visit our online shop, select the truck model and order your rubber mat in just a few minutes!

Rubber floor mats for numerous car brands

However, you can also find custom-fit car floor mats for hundreds of car models from dozens of car brands, including Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen and BMW.

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