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The MAN TGS - the perfect truck for difficult operations

The MAN TGS is a truck from MAN Truck & Bus AG designed for use in the construction machinery and construction vehicle industry. It is particularly robust and reliable, making it especially suitable for use in difficult conditions on construction sites and in agriculture.

The TGS is available in two different wheelbases: as a 4×2 version with two axles and as a 6×4 version with three axles. It is available in weight classes from 18 to 44 tonnes and with various engine outputs from 340 to 560 hp. It is also available as a tipper, tanker or crane vehicle.

One of the special features of the TGS is its all-wheel drive, which gives the truck better traction and thus also more safety on uneven and muddy surfaces. The chassis is also designed for loads and offers high stability.

The interior of the TGS is very spacious and offers the driver a high level of comfort. There is air conditioning, a radio and a heated cabin. The seat is also heatable and can be adjusted in height and inclination.

So all in all, the MAN TGS offers high reliability and robustness, which are particularly important for use in the construction machinery and construction vehicle industry. It is also very comfortable and safe to drive, which is a great advantage for the driver.

4D MAN TGS floor mats for a clean working environment

Rubber mats are an important protection for the interior of a vehicle, especially for the MAN TGS, which is often used in dirty and rough working environments. They prevent dirt, water and other

liquids get into the passenger compartment and thus damage the vehicle interior.

Perfect fit 4D MAN TGS rubber mats are particularly important in this context, as they are precisely matched to the dimensions of the vehicle interior and thus ensure a perfect fit. They stay in place and do not slide around, which ensures optimum protection.

In addition to protecting the interior, rubber mats also have a practical benefit. They are easy to clean and can be knocked out or hosed down quickly and easily. They also provide a non-slip surface, which increases safety in the vehicle.

So all in all, precision-fit rubber mats are a sensible purchase for the MAN TGS to protect and care for the interior of the vehicle and to increase safety during driving. They are also durable and easy to clean, which makes them an economical investment.

High quality truck floor mats with an exact fit

As doormat pro we offer you 4D rubber mats for numerous truck models. Starting from MAN TGA Floor Mats via Mercedes Atego Floor Mats up to Volvo FH you will find high-quality truck floor mats with an exact fit. These 4D rubber floor mats are very easy to install, remove and clean.

Besides Truck floor mats we also offer Pickup floor mats and car floor mats for hundreds of car models. No matter whether Audi floor mats or Volvo Floor MatsYou will find perfectly fitting car floor mats in 4D or 5D form. Visit our shop, select the vehicle and order the custom-fit car floor mats. 3D Floor Mats, 4D Floor mats or 5D Floor mats in just a few minutes!

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