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Custom-fit floor mats for saloons

Saloons are cars with a fixed top. In contrast to the estate car or coupé, in the most general form they offer four doors, a low driving position and a boot lid. This can be opened with hinges. Mkit time, however, there are also sub-versions such as coupé saloons or hatchback saloons.

Today, we find a saloon in almost all model series in the upper middle class or luxury class. Above all, they provide enough space for up to five people. Thanks to these special features, it is a symbol of luxury.

That is why it serves as a company car, especially for state authorities. It is also a sensible choice for taxi companies in order to achieve sustainable customer satisfaction.

Especially people from rich milieus, entrepreneurs, businessmen and film stars prefer to travel in such luxury cars. These cars are considered a necessity for these groups, as they reflect current status. Luxury cars therefore have the task of radiating strength and luxury.

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Among German luxury saloons, the BMW 7 Series is the most popular. The Volkswagen Passat also enjoys great popularity as an all-rounder saloon. Anyone in Germany who wants a reasonably priced saloon has a choice with Skoda Octavia the best choice. This car also offers the best boot space.

Among the most expensive this year are Rolls Royce Phantom, Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, BMW Alpina B7 and Mercedes EQS. Audi also offers many reliable sedans such as Audi A4, Audi A6 or Audi A8. Those who like limousines with style have a difficult choice with Alfa Romeo Giulia, Mercedes C-Class, Volvo S60 or Kia Stinger.

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At doormat pro you will find perfectly fitting car floor mats for numerous saloons. These are rubber floor mats with a high edge and clever clips. Our car mats are made of high-quality material and offer easy relief. Above all, limousines need smart floor mats for the foot area. With our 3D floor mats, that's no problem.

Whether Audi A6, Mercedes C-Class or Volvo S60, you will find the right floor mats for your luxury car. Visit our Online shop and order the limousine floor mats you want in just a few minutes!

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