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Important reasons for new car mats

Car floor mats serve as excellent protection against spills, dirt, liquids and more. When car mats wear out, not only do they lose their quality, but the appearance of your car interior is also affected. Let's take a look at the most common cases when you should change your car mats.

Loosened seams

One of the main reasons why you should replace your car's floor mats is because the car carpet seams have come loose. This is a sign that the car carpet is no longer doing its job properly and can even cause hazards if not replaced.

Sticking accelerator pedals or brakes

If your car's accelerator or brake pedal is stuck because of the car's duck, this can cause sudden acceleration or braking, for example. Such cases cause the driver to lose complete control of his car. In such a case, the car mats should be changed immediately.

Slippery floor mats

Another reason why you can lose control of your vehicle is slipping floor mats. This can be caused, for example, by broken Fixation clips lie that are precisely matched to the built-in buttonholes on the edges of the mats. Universal floor mats that do not fit snugly can also slip and cause traffic accidents.

A hole in the car mat

A hole in the car mat not only affects the interior appearance of your vehicle, but can also cause serious problems on the road. Because of this hole, your heel can get stuck or lead to the formation of wear in the bodywork

Car mats that do not fit

automats As mentioned above, universal floor mats do not cover the entire floor area in the vehicle. This means that dirt and liquids can get inside the car. In this case, cleaning or repair costs are often more expensive than the purchase of custom-fit car mats. On the other hand, you may have to lower the price because of dirt or wear and tear if you want to sell your car.

Mould formation

Mould is one of the main causes of allergic and asthmatic reactions such as wheezing and coughing. For this reason, we recommend replacing floor mats sooner rather than later, especially if passengers are susceptible to such diseases.

Dissatisfied passengers

If you are a taxi driver, you know how passengers rate cleanliness and freshness in the car. When you buy new floor mats, you make a good impression on your passengers and gain regular customers. For these important reasons, we recommend Fitting car mats for your Audi, MercedesBMW or Opel, which have a high edge and a high-quality clip system. With us you will find high-quality and waterproof 3D floor mats with an exact fit and thanks to these rubber floor mats you will not suffer from odours or dangers that can arise due to the lack of slip resistance. As doormat pro we offer rubber floor mats for dozens of car brands, ranging from Alfa Romeo Floor Mats to Volvo Floor Mats, including also Audi floor mats, VW floor mats, BMW floor mats or Mercedes floor mats.
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