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Honda Civic: The unusual sedan of our time

Honda Civic is Honda's volume model and with the tenth generation cars it is very popular worldwide. Compared to its predecessor, the sporty-looking Japanese car is slightly longer, wider and flatter. Nevertheless, it weighs 16 kilograms less.

Better driving dynamics, powerful engines, more boot space and an interior with significant improvements are very important highlights of this Honda model. Especially the material quality in the interior makes Honda Civic a very popular car model of our time.

On the other hand, the model makes an excellent case for itself with its excellent safety features. The Japanese car manufacturer makes this model available in four different body versions: five-door hatchback, four-door hatchback, three-door and estate.

These versions have a lot in common. These include, above all, the futuristic-looking elements in the interior, sensibly composed equipment lines and very modern assistance systems that promise a lot, especially in the comfort and safety areas. Above all, the redesigned airbags should not be lost sight of.

Timeless and tidy cockpit

Compared to past models, the cockpit is much more uncluttered and timeless. Digital instruments and up to nine-inch touchscreens on the dashboard make the interior of the car much more comfortable. The touchscreen in particular is very popular, as it can play back content from smartphones.

For many people, but also for companies such as taxi companies or car rental companies, it is a popular car with a distinctive design. Also many people who want a successful appearance because of their social or professional status choose Honda Civic Sedan.

Honda Civic floor mats in exact fitting accuracy

As doormat pro we also address drivers who own a 10th generation Civic sedan. These are Limousine floor mats in exact fitting precision. We produce customised car floor mats for Honda Civic thanks to laser measurement, ensuring the best results.

Thanks to this precise fit, the entire foot area remains protected from liquids, dirt and grime. Nothing gets inside the car and this is a special protection for the bodywork. The Honda Civic Car Floor Mats can be conveniently removed and fitted, which means more pleasure for cleaning.

On the other hand, we rely on precisely fitting 3D floor mats with high edges and clever clips. These ensure slip resistance, which is not only pleasant for the passengers, but also very important for the driver. Non-slip floor mats are a very important thing, especially when braking suddenly.

Sedan floor mats in top quality

Rubber car mats

Besides Honda Civic Floor Mats we also produce car floor mats for other saloons. Who is looking for Volvo S60 Floor MatsAudi A6 floor mats, Toyota Prius Floor Mats or Mercedes floor mats If you're looking for a perfect fit, you'll find high-quality rubber floor mats from us.

Car floor mats for dozens of car brands

As doormat pro we are committed to the production of hundreds of car models from dozens of car brands. Starting from Alfa Romeo Floor Mats up to Volvo Floor Mats, including also Audi floor mats, VW floor mats, BMW floor matsare available from us. No matter whether Mercedes or Ford, with us you will find the right car floor mat for all makes. Visit our online shop, select the car make and model and order customised car floor mats for your car in just a few minutes!

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