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Ford Kuga Floor Mats for Safety and Comfort

The Ford Kuga has been on the roads since 2008 and is now one of the most popular cars in Germany. The successor to the Ford Maverick is a compact SUV whose third generation was presented in 2019. The SUV model offers general appeal, convincing drive concepts and innovative hybrid technology in addition to diesel and petrol engines.

You'll find a high-quality infotainment system in the various model variants. Whether you want a sporty or luxurious car model, the diverse model variants offer you the car model that is close to your heart.

However, all these car models have superior performance, pronounced efficiency and elegant design in common. Above all, the intelligent all-wheel drive and the selective driving mode switch are the captivating highlights of this car.

For such cars, you definitely need high-quality floor mats with an exact fit. A guaranteed original fit is of great importance for comfortable and, above all, safe driving. With high-quality 3D floor mats, you can achieve this comfort and safety in many ways.

3D floor mats with raised edges and clever fastening clips

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As doormat pro we offer you high quality Ford Kuga Floor Mats with a precision-fit design for the best functionality. These rubber floor mats made of TPE blend perfectly into the interior of your Ford Kuga. They are made of non-slip material, have raised edges and protect not only against dirt but also against traffic accidents.

Ford Kuga floor mats with countless benefits


Our 3D Floor Mats for Ford Kuga offer you more highlights than these two important features. The clever fastening clips make them very easy to insert and remove. Moreover, thanks to the high-quality, robust and temperature-resistant material, they are durable and easy to clean.

We offer rubber floor mats that are odourless, quiet, resistant to heat, cold and light, and resistant to damage and abrasion. Because they are a perfect eye-catcher inside the car, they contribute to a better resale value.

Ford floor mats for other car models

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Do you own another Ford model? You can also find Ford floor mats for other car models with us, including Ford Focus Floor Mats, Ford Fiesta Floor MatsFord Courier floor mats, Ford Connect floor mats or Ford C-Max Floor Mats.

At doormat pro Besides Ford, you can also find for other car brands such as BMWMercedes or VW high-quality car floor mats with a perfect fit.

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