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This is why custom-fit car floor mats should be used in the company car

Cars are equipped with rubber mats as standard. There are many reasons for this. Car floor mats not only serve the purpose of appearance, but also protect the footwell from dirt and liquids. They also increase safety and insulate the footwell against cold that can enter from outside. For these reasons, it makes sense to use rubber floor mats in company cars. There are different types of floor mats that can be purchased for company cars.

Functions of the car floor mats

Car floor mats have various functions. They protect the vehicle interior from dirt, which then collects on the floor mat and can be removed. They also increase safety, because especially in wet conditions, drivers can be prevented from slipping off the pedals. The moisture is absorbed by the rubber doormat and enables safe driving.

Furthermore, the mats protect against wear and the vehicle can be driven longer and does not lose value. In addition, insulation to the outside is possible and the footwell remains warmer. Another reason in favour of a floor mat is the visual enhancement of the vehicle.

Employee safety has top priority


The reasons mentioned, especially the increased driving safety, speak in favour of using rubber car mats in the company car. Employee safety should be the top priority when travelling on business in the company car.

Through special All-weather floor mats can increase driving safety and protect employees. There are 3D floor mats that are specially adapted to the vehicles of various vehicle manufacturers and models. Using a special laser technology, the vehicle interiors are measured and precisely adapted. This guarantees an exact fit and the rubber mats do not slip in the footwell.

High quality 3D floor mats for company cars

vw golf floor mats

Therefore there are adapted Mercedes floor matsAudi floor matsVW floor mats and BMW floor mats to buy. Floor mats from other manufacturers can also be purchased. You can buy these and many others for your company car at doormat pro order. No matter whether for Opel or Peugeot, with us you will find high-quality car mats in an exact fit for dozens of car brands.

At the same time, the mats can be used and cleaned quickly and easily. They are also odourless and robust, which guarantees a long service life. In addition to the four parts for the footwells, these floor mat sets also contain a mat for the centre bar in the rear area to protect the entire vehicle interior.

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