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Audi A6: luxury-class business saloon

The Audi A6 Sedan is a hot car for many business people and taxi owners. Those who run a chauffeur and limousine service or car rental service definitely want to have a limousine of this series. The reason for this interest is the high level of customer satisfaction.

The saloon stands out with its impressive design and admirable efficiency. The highlights are countless. This business-class car is sporty yet serious, comfortable yet elegant. No wonder it can be found in many fleets and company car fleets of large companies.

The model generation of the Audi A6 provides more driving pleasure and safety, above all thanks to its spacious interior. Compared to the predecessor model, the Sedan offers a larger interior for more legroom. Passengers can also enjoy improved head and shoulder room in the front and rear.

The business saloon in the luxury class segment also offers several technical highlights and thus sends clear signals in the direction of autonomous driving. The new pioneer for the business class is equipped with many sensors, cameras, radar and ultrasound technologies and a laser scanner. In addition, the extensive connectivity and assistance systems demonstrate networked automotive intelligence.

Custom-fit Audi A6 floor mats in top quality

audi a6

The floor of a business saloon with such special features should definitely be kept clean on a regular basis. This is not only important for customer satisfaction, but also for the maintenance of this car. Neglecting the floor means corrosion damage, especially in winter.

As doormat pro we offer you perfectly fitting saloon floor mats. You will also find Audi A6 floor mats with an exact fit. These are rubber floor mats with a high edge and clever clips. These are special features that support safe and comfortable driving.

The high-quality rubber material, the precision fit, the high edge and the clips make the car floor mats primarily non-slip. This makes the car not only comfortable but also safe. Especially when accelerating or braking, dangerous slipping is avoided. On the other hand, thanks to the clips, they can be removed and refitted very easily.

This is a good motivation for the drivers who do not have time. Those who regularly clean these rubber car mats can both satisfy their customers and protect their limousines from damage.

Custom-fit rubber floor mats for dozens of car brands

Rubber car mats audi a6

With us you can also find perfectly fitting saloon floor mats for the competitors from Audi. These include for example BMW 5 Floor MatsOpel Insignia floor mats, Volvo S60 Floor MatsKia Stinger floor mats, Mercedes C floor mats etc. As doormat pro but we also offer top-quality car floor mats for many other car brands and models. Among them also VW floor mats, Ford floor mats etc.

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