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Fiat stands for cars with methanol blending

Fiat is taking a slow approach to electric mobility. Instead, the Italian car manufacturer wants to reduce CO2 emissions by using an alternative fuel. As a result of this policy, Fiat Chrysler and ENI are to use a fuel with a high alcohol content. This is the petrol A20, which is to contain 5 per cent ethanol and 15 per cent methanol.

This fuel is said to produce three percent less carbon dioxide when burnt. Leaders agree that ethanol-fuelled cars are the best and most efficient alternative to reduce pollution.

For Fiat, it is still too early to put electric cars on the roads. Here, the technology for electric cars is still to be perfected. The company cites the time needed for charging as an example. In fact, it still takes at least 10 hours to charge an electric car at a socket.

Stéphane Gigou, the head of Fiat Professional, recently said recently that electric cars are not ready for the mass market. For Gigou Gigou, electromobility is a global issue that needs a global approach. approach.

Fiat 500 has passed the passed the tests

The methanol-blended car was recently tested in five Fiat 500s. Fiat 500s. These cars were even lent out around 1000 times within a year times and covered 50,000 kilometres. During this time no problems were detected.

We do not know when A20 will be launched on a large scale. do not know. But we are not losing sight of the news and want to be ready with our high-quality footwell and we want to be ready with our high-quality footwell trays when it is launched.

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