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The new generation of car floor mats with XPE and EVA foam

Why XPE and EVA foam are the ideal choice for car floor mats

doormat pro proudly presents the 5D Rubber Floor Mats - an innovative solution for drivers seeking a perfect fit and comprehensive protection for the entire footwell of their vehicle. With a double-layer structure of XPE and EVA foam, these floor mats offer an unbeatable combination of features, including slip resistance, shock absorption, protection against scratches and damage, as well as heat and sound insulation. 

The floor mats are flexible and retain their shape to ensure a perfect fit in your vehicle, and are available in a range of colours and densities to allow you to personalise your vehicle. With the 5D rubber floor mats from doormat pro you can take your driving experience to a new level and fully protect your footwell. 

Perfect fit 

Discover the perfect fit for your car with our custom-made floor mats! Thanks to our special production technology and functional components, we offer you an excellent fit that perfectly matches the contours of your vehicle. Our extensive range of custom rubber floor mats is available for hundreds of car models and dozens of car brands - for a driving experience you'll simply love! 

High slip resistance 

This car floor mat not only offers a non-slip surface thanks to high-quality EVA foam, but also a whole range of other highlights that make it a real must-have for all car drivers. Various special features, such as a non-slip underside, high side edge, milimetre-precise fit, further increase the mat's non-slip properties so that you are always safe and comfortable on the road. 

Reinforced area under the pedals

This innovative floor mat is specially designed for drivers looking for better traction and control when driving. A reinforced pedal area made of robust rubber prevents slipping and makes braking, accelerating and clutching easier. Thanks to the textured surface with tread reinforcements, you always have the perfect grip when driving!

Extra high page margin

Innovative doormat with a raised edge that traps dirt and water and prevents it from getting onto the carpet or upholstery in the car. The so-called tray mat is designed to fit perfectly around the edge of the door frame, preventing dirt, sand and other debris from entering the interior of the vehicle. The raised edge also prevents liquids from running off the mat. Especially sugary drinks such as fruit juices or cola can be easily spilled on the mat without the car owner having to do a lot of work cleaning the footwell.

Floor mat for the entire footwell
eva foam

Forget unsightly gaps in your car's footwell - our floor mat provides seamless coverage for the entire area! From the accelerator pedal to the footrest, you can rest assured that your feet are resting on a clean and comfortable surface. Not only is the mat functional, it's also stylish and durable. With our floor mat, every ride will be a pleasant experience for you and your passengers. 

Shock absorption 

Our innovative 5D floor mats offer an unparalleled driving experience that prioritises comfort and safety. Thanks to our advanced shock absorption technology, you are protected from hard impacts and annoying vibrations - for an especially smooth and pleasant driving experience. Focus on what's important and don't let unnecessary distractions get in the way. With our floor mats, you'll be safe and stylish on the road.

Soft and comfortable 
eva foam

Experience the difference with our highly resilient floor mats! These innovative mats have been specially designed to minimise unwanted noise that can be caused by other objects shaking in the car. Underneath the PVC coating with PU leather and microfibre is a high-density sponge and this makes the shell mat not only shock-absorbent, but also particularly soft and comfortable. With this special feature, they offer you and your passengers an unparalleled driving experience with the highest level of comfort and relaxation.

Protection from scratches and damage

Our floor mats not only offer comfort and safety thanks to the XPE foam, but also first-class protection for your vehicle floor. Made of durable materials, they resist scratches, dirt and damage that can occur during daily use. Don't worry about protecting your car anymore - our floor mats have you covered! 

Flexibility and shape retention

Discover our unique car floor mats now, which are not only flexible but also retain their shape. The flexible shape adapts perfectly to the contour of the floor thanks to the EVA foam. With a perfect fit in your vehicle, they guarantee a comfortable and worry-free driving experience by preventing annoying slipping of the mats. The EVA foam also ensures that the floor mat does not react with oils and solvents. Invest in quality and order today! ,

Light in weight

Make your life easier with our feather-light floor mats! Thanks to their light weight, they are effortless to handle and clean. So you not only save time and energy, but you can also be sure that your floor mats are always in top condition. See for yourself the unbeatable combination of lightness and functionality!


Discover the perfect combination of PE and EVA foam to make your car floor mats even more durable! These two materials are known for their exceptional resistance and durability, and when used together they can make an unbeatable combination. Get ready to take your car floor mats to a new level of durability and resistance! 

More flame retardant 

Go for safety with our flame-retardant floor mats! These mats offer even greater temperature resistance, effectively preventing them from being deformed by the elements. So you can be sure that your floor mats are always in top shape and offer you and your passengers the greatest possible safety. 

Excellent water and moisture resistance

Enjoy the ultimate performance with our water and moisture resistant floor mats! These mats are specially designed to repel water and moisture for easy cleaning and long-lasting durability. Whether it's rain, snow or mud, you can always rely on our XPE and EVA foam car mats to provide the best protection for you and your car. 

Odour neutrality

An odour-free environment is an essential factor for a pleasant stay - whether at home or on the road in the car. A doormat made of XPE material meets this requirement perfectly and offers a great option for anyone looking for an odour-free doormat. With this rubber doormat, driving becomes an even more comfortable experience and you can concentrate fully on the journey without being disturbed by unpleasant odours.  

Heat and sound insulation 

Discover the perfect solution for a luxurious driving experience - our car floor mats not only provide excellent protection for your vehicle floor, but also ensure an incredibly comfortable ride. Thanks to their effective heat and sound insulation, your vehicle becomes an oasis of peace and relaxation. Enjoy a drive without annoying outside noise and benefit from a pleasant driving climate - with our high-quality car floor mats. 

UV and corrosion resistance

Get 5D car floor mats that not only look great, but also offer outstanding performance! Our premium floor mats are UV and corrosion resistant, which means they stand up to extreme weather conditions and guarantee you long-lasting colour fastness. 

Environmental friendliness

Our doormats are made of environmentally friendly EVA foam that is safe for use. EVA foams are environmentally friendly because they do not contain plasticisers and do not release toxic substances into the environment. They can be made from plant-based carbon sources and require comparatively few resources to manufacture. They are also very easy to recycle.

Glossy appearance and individual design 

Give your car a personal touch with 5D shell floor mats! With their glossy look, they offer you the opportunity to customise your car to your liking. Whether you like it flashy or subtle, our floor mats will give your car the perfect look. Apart from their stunning looks, these rubber floor mats also provide excellent protection and comfort for your feet. ,

Car Floor Mats with Crocodile Pattern 

First-class car floor mats should not only be functional, but also add a stylish touch to your vehicle. Our crocodile pattern car mats offer both! Not only do they feature a non-slip surface to ensure you and your passengers are safe on the road, but they also add a touch of luxury and elegance to your car.

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