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Environmentally friendly car floor mats as a social responsibility

The definition of modern doormats has changed in the meantime. Modern doormats must also be environmentally compatible. There is a simple reason for this. There are more than a billion cars in the world and in Germany alone there is one car for every two inhabitants. Cars have 2 or 4 floor mats and that is an enormous burden on our environment.

As doormat pro we know what that means and are fully committed to environmentally friendly car floor mats. As an innovative Berlin doormat manufacturer, we place great importance on ensuring that all the materials we use are environmentally friendly. As a consequence of this sense of responsibility, the materials we use are not exposed to any chemical compositions.

This care means we have products that are eco-compliant in both manufacture and disposal. As Doormat professional we do not offer drivers the simple doormats that harm the environment. Instead of the floor mats, which are made of rubber, we use the so-called footwell trays.


Among car drivers, the footwell trays are known as a Car carpet known. These are the new floor mats of the modern generation, recognisable by the high-quality leather used as a material.

These car mats are non-slip and waterproof thanks to their high quality. This guarantees the best possible protection for the footwell of your car. These special features make our car mats suitable for car models from MercedesAudi, BMW etc. and that is a further contribution to protecting the environment.

In addition, our environmentally friendly car floor mats They are manufactured individually for the manufacturer and model of the car with the help of precise laser measurements. They are a perfect fit for the respective car model and this is a very important protection against traffic accidents.

Do you also need 3D floor mats for your car? You are sure to find the doormat for your car with us. You can find the desired doormat in your area via car brand search, for example VW floor mats, Audi floor mats, Merceses doormats, BMW floor mats. Visit our online shop and find your favourite environmentally friendly floor mats in just a few seconds. Order environmentally friendly car floor mats online from fussmattenprofi now!


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