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Custom-fit floor mats for off-road vehicles

Off-road vehicles are popular vehicles for people living in rural areas. Away from paved roads, these vehicles are a great help. Recently, however, we have also observed these vehicles in big cities, even though the infrastructure does not require this. Even though this is criticised by environmentalists, many find off-road vehicles very stately.

In rural areas, these cars are very useful and the range of use is wide. Above all, farmers, foresters, outdoor sportsmen and hunters need off-road vehicles when they travel in rural areas. The armed forces also rely on these vehicles, which, in addition to versatile use, fulfil many requirements in challenging regions.

The best-known off-road vehicles include Land Rover models and Jeep models. In addition, there are also models from Mercedes, Toyota and Range Rover, which enjoy great interest worldwide. These include, for example, Toyota RAV 4 and Mercedes G. These are vehicles that are particularly noticeable with high tyres.

Off-road vehicles are motor vehicles that do not have to cause breakdowns or forced breaks. For these motor vehicles, briars, boggy ground or pit sand pose no challenge. Whether on hilly terrain, mud flats or desert, they enable drivers to cope with extreme terrain and weather conditions.

Floor mats for off-road vehicles: Numerous advantages and top quality

off-road vehicle

Extreme terrain and weather conditions mean battling dust and mud. While you can cope with these, what is important is cleaning. Interior cleaning in particular can be a big problem, as you can often carry mud and dust into the interior of the car with your shoes.

This makes high-quality floor mats necessary above all. As doormat pro we also offer floor mats for off-road vehicles. These are rubber car mats with many advantages. In the production of our rubber floor mats, we focus on precision fit. This means that we produce the appropriate floor mats for every model.

The precision fit makes these car floor mats non-slip and liquids do not get into the car interior. Thanks to the material, they are waterproof, odourless and sound-absorbent. These car mats have high edges and this makes them particularly non-slip. Finally, with the fastening clips, you have floor mats that protect you and your vehicle.

At doormat pro you will find off-road vehicle floor mats, including Mercedes G rubber mats, Toyota RAV 4 rubber mats, Range Rover rubber mats etc. In addition to off-road vehicles, we naturally also produce custom-fit SUV Floor Mats, including also Land Rover Freelander floor mats, Land Rover Discovery floor mats, Range Rover Velar floor mats, Audi Q5 floor mats or BMW X3 Floor Mats.


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