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DAF CF - The ideal truck for versatile transport tasks

Custom-fit 4D rubber floor mats for DAF CF: why you need them

If you have a truck of the DAF CF Series drive, you know how important it is to keep the interior clean and comfortable. After all, you spend many hours on the road and want to feel comfortable. But how do you protect your footwell from dirt, moisture and wear? The answer is: Custom-fit 4D rubber floor mats.

What are 4D rubber floor mats?

4D rubber floor mats are specially tailored for your vehicle model and made of robust and non-slip rubber. They have an extra high edge that prevents liquids or dirt from getting onto the carpet. They are also odourless and easy to clean.

You can simply wipe them with a damp cloth or clean them with the steam jet. Installation and removal is very simple and this makes regular cleaning much easier.

Why are 4D rubber floor mats better than other floor mats?

Compared to other floor mats, the 4D rubber floor mats several advantages:

  • They are cut to fit your truck perfectly and adhere perfectly to the vehicle floor. This prevents the mats from slipping or wrinkling, which could affect your safety.
  • They are made of high-quality rubber that has a high abrasion and tear resistance. So you can be sure that your mats will last a long time and not wear out.
  • They are water and dirt repellent and protect your carpet from stains or damage. This saves you time and money on cleaning or replacing your carpet.
  • They are environmentally friendly and harmless to health. The rubber and natural rubber mixture used is as low in odour as possible and contains no harmful substances.

Where can I buy custom-fit 4D rubber floor mats for DAF CF?

daf cf

If you are looking for custom-fit 4D rubber floor mats for your DAF CF we have good news for you: there are several suppliers on the internet who can offer you these mats at a fair price. For example, you can buy from doormatprofi.com a complete set Truck floor mats (driver and passenger side) for only € 49.95 instead of € 56.95.

Custom-fit truck floor mats in top quality

Perfect fit 4D rubber floor mats for DAF CF are therefore a sensible investment for every truck driver. They offer you more comfort, safety and cleanliness in your vehicle. They also protect your carpet from wear and tear or damage. So when you choose these mats, you are doing yourself and your truck a favour.

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